Best Budget 4G Smartphones In India Under 25,000 | 2015

We all know how speed matters in everyday life, especially when it is Internet. Slow data connection does not only slows the whole thing down but also results in huge mental disappointment and frustration. Ask this to all who either have no internet in their area or no money in their pockets. That’s why you’ll […]

How To Use Android Smartphone As Webcams | Tutorial

After reading title, the first thing which may come to your mind would be “what is the importance in using Android Smartphone As Webcam”. Well the answer is very simple, one can spy their kids whenever they are out or monitor their babies. When we took a survey on using Smartphone As Webcams from the […]

[GUIDE*] How to Disable Notifications in Google Chrome

Desktop notifications feature in Chrome was designed in order to make it easy to check your updates. Its a really handy thing when it comes to services like Gmail and Google Docs. It pops on the right side of taskbar, even if you are using another program or looking in desktop. Although, feature is good, […]

Microsoft SPARTAN Browser On Its Way !

After skipping Windows 9 by doing a surprise jump to Windows 10 , Microsoft is planning to bring something more unexpected now. ┬áThe company officials have recently revealed about ‘spartan‘- a lightweight web browser that will be shipped with Windows 10 later this year. So, its currently not for public download and will be only […]

What is WhatSim for WhatsApp ?

The most popular texting service in the world constitutes over 700 million monthly active users. Just after its recent announcement on its web launch which enable users to use whatapp on PC, Zeromobile launched WhatSim. The WhatSim allows its users to use WhatsApp for free while traveling across the 150 selected countries. This initiative has […]