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Hi Geeks, Welcome to the About Us page of Le Geeks. If you are on this page, you are probably in love with Le Geeks and you ended up here wanting to know more About Us.If you are an year old reader of Le Geeks, you would probably know that We started of as a simple magazine blog providing news about the technology, later we grew to become a community and it wouldn’t have been possible without your help. Most of you might see it just as a blog, but there are some Geeks who really love us,They see it as a portal to different things, an opportunity to stay updated with lots of information!  In other words, Le Geeks is a platform for all the Geeks ,Bloggers and entrepreneurs in love with what they do,the ones who are in love with technology, the ones who want to be their own boss, like you!

You Can Mail us At- lg.legeeks@gmail.com

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Le Geeks was founded on 24th February 2013 By Hari Charan. It was initially started as a Magazine blog which provided latest news about the technology and internet. It shot to fame after about 2-3 months of its launch (May 2013) and it was popularly known as “Legendary Geeks”. The name “Le Geeks” is a combination of French and English, “Le” in French means “The” and the word “Geeks” signifies a computer Genius. So the actual meaning of its name is “The Geeks” or “The Computer Geniuses”.

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So, you wished to know about the brains behind Le Geeks? Well, guess what? your wish has come true! This ain’t just a team, but a few friends who hangout together and some who met online. All of them are people with passion to do something cool and unique. Most of them are under 18 with boiling blood and a desire to achieve in life 😉

Meet the Founder- Hari Charan .U


Hari Charan

Hey Everyone, I’m really happy that you are on this page where you can know more about Le Geeks, About Us, About all the people behind Le Geeks.

So, There’s nothing much to say. I’m a guy who doesn’t like to work under someone, yeah-I want to be my own boss and I realized that its possible only through Entrepreneurship. Im one of those kids who dream of being successful entrepreneurs and a Blogger too.I started off with a Blog called Geeks Grave and now I’m here with Le Geeks , Infinity Talents, Android Customize and so on.

At the start, I Didn’t know anything about the internet. I never knew what was blogging, but somehow i was attracted towards the concept (of Blogging) where you write a thing and the whole world sees it, Facinating, Isn’t it?

You can mail me at- hari.rocker1299@gmail.com

And You Can Connect With me Through- Facebook | Twitter | Google+ 


Social media manager and Marketer- Thilak. K

Thilak .K , well known by his Hacking name “Shawn Frost ” :p . He’s a fun loving guy and the one whom you can always trust.

The first thing he did online was to play games and the next one was to hack into someone’s account :p .

He’s also a good friend of the founder and has been with him since they completed their high school.

You Can Mail Him at- thilak1999@gmail.com

You Can Connect With Him Through- Facebook




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We’re proud to say that we’re a part of All Tech Media. We’re extremely thankful to ATM ( All Tech Media)  as we are hosted on its servers, we’re guided by its founders Imran Uddin and Vinay Goud. We are happy to be connected with these two amazing people who have always been with Le Geeks , giving us advices about what we should do next. Special thanks to All Tech Media And team.

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Its really been a nice time with you and we have enjoyed posting for you. We actually have a lots of plans but currently we’ve decided to implement them after 2 years. As the founder is going to pause Blogging for 2 years, the others are going to takeover Le Geeks and Le Geeks is going to be managed by ATM Team ( All Tech Media) .

We need your support to succeed and thanks for being with us till now. Have A Nice day!