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Apple Pay India Release

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According to the recent reports, The fastest paying facility Apple Pay is about to make its way in India.

The Apple Pay is a payment system which allows you to make purchase just through a single tap on your iOS devices. Apple Payment Application uses NFC (Near Field Communications) to make payments wireless. Just after its USA launch, it started being used widely in every sector of the marketing from local to online retailers. The wide acceptance of Apple Pay in just a short period of time is due to its easy to use user interface (UI) and less time consuming factor.


The information of Apple Pay India Release came through an internship vacancy in Apple UK website. The vacancy letter clearly mentions, “Apple Pay is all set to expand its boundaries across Europe, Middle East, India and Africa“. At present ‘Apple Pay’ is only available for USA audience and is often seen to be used by small retailers. Their are no words on its India Release date yet but you can expect its launch by the mid of Q2 2015. The Apple Payment system can only be used with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. Old devices like iPhone 5S, 5 and 5C, iPad 4, 3, 2 and Mini 2 are left by Apple for their new payment system.

The Apple Payment System can also be used with upcoming Apple iwatch, which will allow users to make purchase by clicking twice at the power-button.

Apple Pay Highlight and top features

Apple Payment Highlights | Top Features


How Indians Could Be Benefited By Apple Pay

India is a country which is mostly dependent on cash payments and carrying heavy cash has now become dangerous due to significant rise in robbery/theft. As said earlier paying to any local retailer can be done by a single click by Apple Payment. Through applications you can also pay online retailers and make faster checkout then standard payment gateways. iPhone 6 users can use this service both in online and local form but iPad Air 2 users can only use it in application form. iWatch can also be used in local or in stores form.
Sadly this service will be available for latest iOS device user only.


Uses Of Apple Pay In India

– Can pay to online retailers through payment application with just few taps.
– Can be used at local retailer shops and payment could be made just a single click.
– You can pay big amount to anyone just by few clicks. Therefore no need to carry big cash while traveling.
– Can easily replace your wallet.
– Makes your payment very faster, hence saving your lot of time.
– Makes your payment more secure, hence making yourself feel tension free.
– Will accept all the major bank cards.


Apple Pay application on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus usage

Apple Payment (Pay) Application


How To Use Apple Pay Application In India ?

Setup of Apple Payment is simple: Firstly you need to add a card in your passbook application and for that just go into Settings—Open passbook or apple pay—-Select Debit Credit or Credit Card. Then enter your card information manually or through iSight camera. That’s it now you are done with set up and you can make purchases directly through the Apple Payment application.

Read More About It’s Installation and uses from here

Apple Pay was made to make transactions simpler and faster and therefore learning to use it is not a big deal. After registering yourself by completing all details for connecting your bank account through Apple Payment it is only a seconds job to make any purchase. You can make local retailer purchase by your devices only through iPhone 6 and iwatch. As mentioned earlier there is no In Store purchase for iPad devices.


Apple Pay iPhone 6 and 6 Plus usage

Payment Being Made Through Apple Pay App


How To Use Apple Pay In iPhone 6 and 6 Plus ?

One touch to pay with Touch ID. Now paying in stores happens in one natural motion — there’s no need to open an app or even wake your display thanks to the innovative Near Field Communication antenna in iPhone 6. To pay, just hold your iPhone near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID. You don’t even have to look at the screen to know your payment information was successfully sent. A subtle vibration and beep let you know.

How To Use Apple Pay In iPad Air 2 and Mini 3 ?

There is no ‘In Store’ purchase available for iPads. Still you can use the Apple Payment application for online purchases.


Apple Payment Application On iWatch

Apple Payment Application On iWatch


How To Use Apple Pay In iwatch ?

Double-click to pay and go. You can pay with Apple Watch — just double‑click the button next to the Digital Crown and hold the face of your Apple Watch near the contactless reader. A gentle pulse and beep confirm that your payment information was sent.

Final Words: A bit of hard hard work is required by Apple inorder to tie up with all major Banks Debit and Credit cards in India. They also have to tie up with major retailers in India having chains all over the country to make Apple Pay work in India. The new idea will definitely see success if it is processed in a secure way.

Via: TOI TECH  and 9to5mac

Hari Charan
Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

Hari Charan

Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

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