Top 15 Best Apps For Nokia Lumia Windows 8 To Fulfill Each Of Your Needs


You might have a tough time finding the best apps for your Nokia Lumia 900/ 920/820/620/ 520 running Windows phone 8 (WP8), It takes time to search the Windows Phone store to find the apps you need.Windows Phone 8 OS, has been a hit with lots of sales around the world. It has been so profitable that, Nokia got rid of its old phone list in their site and keeps only the Lumia and the Asha Series! Windows Store surely has a lot of apps while most of them are similar to each other either by performing similar functions or by offering similar results, this will make it tough to find the apps you actually require, Or i must say the best among the apps you need.So, we have put a list which will help you to choose the best apps for your Nokia Lumia Windows 8 Smartphone, The best part is that all the apps we have listed look premium but are free of cost!

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The Index of Best Apps For Nokia Lumia 920/900/610/510/720  –

Its a long post with 1,600+ Words, you can jump to the app lists of particular category by clicking the below given anchor links.

  1. Social Networking And Messengers
  2. Travel,Tourism and Navigation
  3. Tools Knowledge and Productivity
  4. Entertainment and Fun

Social networking And Messengers Apps For Your Nokia Lumia WP8-

Lets start with the apps that allow us to connect with our family and friends even over long distances 🙂

Facebook- Update Status,Chat with your friends on the go

Facebook-Nokia-Lumia-WP8-900-920-600-620-for-freeFacebook is actually the most used social networking site and 2 out of every 4 would have a Facebook account! The Facebook app in the windows store is customized to be used with the Windows OS for better responsiveness and speed, There are some lags but still its a better option then using it on your phone’s browser. It works like the Facebook on your Android or on your PC’ Browser. You cna update Status, See what your friends said, Upload pics, Get live notifications and much more. Go get it now! 

Twitter- Tweet, Re-tweet and Follow with a cute looking layout

Twitter-Nokia-Lumia-WP8-This app comes with a cute looking layout, but has some limitations with the functionality, but still you won’t notice it s it has filters fro your photos, custom layout colors to choose and much more that’ll leave you impressed. Its fast when you don’t have any apps running, users have reported crashes while multitasking,personally i never experienced it.I would surely recommend it because of the Layout and the Filters.

Google Plus- Hangouts, Join Communities, Share What You Want

Google-plus-Nokia-Lumia-Windows-Phone-8This looks more like the older versions of the Google Plus app made for the Android,But still it serves the purpose of having a Google+ Account. Its fast and responsive while its accompanied by every feature which you find in the PC or in other Operating System.Its a must have app if you are a Hardcore Google + user, i wouldn’t recommend it if you are gonna newly register in to Google +.

WhatsApp- Connecting Business, Family and Friends Made Easy

WhatsApp-Nokia-Lumia-800-900-920-600-520-620-WP8WhatsApp is probably the oldest messaging app with lots of capabilities and the App is completely free,but you’ll have to pay about $1 for every year, But don’t worry you get a free use for one year,so just download it and try it and i’m sure that you’ll start paying for it as its worth the money you pay! Most of you might know about it, You can make groups, share videos, share pictures, update your status,live voice chat and much more. Go get it now!

WeChat- Talk on the go with Crystal Clear Voice messages and Video Calls

WeChat-Nokia-Lumia-800-900-920-620-520-500-WP8Just keep holding the talk button and you can blabber everything you want! It houses some the most creative features such as the “Shake” when you shake your phone, you’ll find someone shaking their phone at the same time!That means you get to meet new people across your country! Well, it also comes with crystal clear voice and Video chats and also enables you to share pics,make groups and organize “Moments” where you can put in pics of all the moments of your life!  If instant voice messages is what you need, you can go with WhatsApp, but if you want something more like Video chats and meeting new people,go get We chat now!

Travel and Tourism Related Apps For Your Nokia Lumia WP8-

Are you planning to go out and explore the world? Here are some apps that would let you choose the best places for traveling and another one to help you to find restaurants,clubs,cinema halls in a new place.

TripAdvisor- Find the best Hotels,Stadiums, Clubs and much more!

Trip-Advisor-For-Nokia-Lumia-WP8You get the routes to the best places to stay, look and play! TripAdvisor is a must have app when you set out for travelling, it gets you details abut everything nearer to your. it used the GPS or you can just put in your address to track the location.It contains many pictures of various destinations. it gets you the best details and photographs of hotels, Attractions, etc. I just can’t say anything more about this amazing app, go get it! 

HERE City Lens- Get live visuals of Land marks through your camera

HERE_City-Lens-Nokia-Lumia-WP8Just open it and point towards the landscape just like a camera and you’ll see few things popping out displaying the details about each building and it also reviews it with the ratings. if you are looking for restaurant, you just need to point it out to the buildings and it will find the best one for you, literally you’ll forget the restaurant and you’ll start exploring the place!

GMaps+ – Find Your way through the toughest routes!


Google Maps has been the best mapping tool for Android, but the Windows didn’t have one. Some developer has made one using the source of Google Maps with proper credits, it includes all the features provided by Google Maps such as- 3D maps, 3D Compass, Street View, Voice Guided Navigation and much more. Its a must have app which is truly productive!

Tools,Knowledge and Productivity Related Apps For Your Nokia Lumia WP8-

Finish your home works, organize your worksheets, Run your business through these tools from your Windows phone!

Wikipedia- The Hunt For Information ends,Find i tall in one place!

WikiPedia For YOur Nokia Lumia Wp8For Teens/ Students its website where they can get info to fill in their home work or assignments, for business men its used find technical meanings and everyone uses it in some or the other way. This app is more like a directory of posts in Wikipedia and the best feature is that you can read it even in offline mode! You can search in 100 languages and contains all the articles categorized according o your location.This is the best Wikipedia App in the store.

Evernote- Turns Your Phone Into a Brain extension

Evernote-For-Nokia-Lumia-800-820-510-520-610-600-WP8note down everything you want- Your ideas, To-Do lists, Grocery lists and much more. You can even make t better by adding some doodles, Pictures,recordings and much more. Evernote allows you to save your ideas and even brainstorm it with the people you want to! Its more like an extension of your brain saving things which would be remembered forever. Its a must have tool for everyone!

Simple Timesheet- Never miss A meeting, again!

Simple-Time-Sheets-Nokia-Lumia-WP8Its natural that you keep forgetting about your business meetings or to attend a conference, But next time you won’t! Use this app to schedule and organize your projects and meetings, it notify’s you about the event which you have to attend or the task which you have to perform, just add in some events which would be tough to remember and stick to timesheet!

SkyDrive-Save It Now, Access it Later From Any Device!

SkyDrive-Nokia-Lumia-Wp8Save all your photos and documents into a private warehouse which can be accessed only by you (You can even change the privacy settings) This is more like a backup tool which lets you upload all of your files into your SkyDrive account, later you can access the account through any other device such as your TAB, Laptop or PC.

Entertainment and Fun Related Apps For Your Nokia Lumia WP8-

Those long hours of work are surely tiring, here are some apps that’ll entertain and boost your up!

My Talking Tom- Repeats what you say, Your Best Pal on your phone!

 Talking-Tom-For-Windows-7-WP8-LumiaMost of the Android or iOS users might know about this app, yeah its the Talking TOM! Well, the WP app has got some modifications and polishing and give you a better experience than Android or iOS! Its fun to tickle or punch tom and he repeats whatever you say. There are many more featured in this which you would like to explore. Download and play with it,now!

YouTube- Watch Videos On The Go

 YoutTube-Nokia-Lumia-WP8YouTube is the best way to watch the serials, movie trailers and other videos which you have missed out, Linking it with your Google account would add up many more features such as creating playlists!The app is built well while its minimal, fast and responsive. Its a must have app for all Windows Users.

Smash Your Screen! – Break Your Phone,Virtually!


Its a simple app that adds cracks to your screen when someone touches it! You can use this to trick your family members and all of your friends, its looks real with lots of 3D effects accompanied with sounds. Try it out, its made for the one who loves Practical jokes and pranks 😀 Try it!


This ends up our long list with a whopping 1600+ words! If you would like to suggest an app which needs to be included, put it in the comments and let this list grow! Hope you find it productive and useful, stay tuned for many more apps for your Windows Phone.

Hari Charan
Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

Hari Charan

Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

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