Blogging-The Complete Explanation

Complete Blogging ExplanationBlogging has been a job to every unemployed person and has been a source of “Pocket Money”  and I have always been one among them.Today we are going to talk about some obstacles in blogging career,Some tips,Blogging platforms,etc.

Blogging Tips-

Here are some great tips for you to blog like a pro,these will help you in the long run.These tips will really help you to build up a healthy blogging career. So lets get started.

  1. Be unique and creative,don’t plagiarize posts from other blogs.
  2. Have an unique logo,A logo can help our visitors remember you.
  3. Be frank,never promise fake things to your readers.
  4. Guest post in other blogs to build up your author rank.
  5. Have separate social accounts for your blog and be sure to update them every day.
  6. Never link to low quality sites.
  7. Update your blog frequently.
  8. Make the post detailed and use your own styles.
  9. Use rich media content.
  10. Have a fast loading,responsive design.

this ends our tips,now lets take a look at obstacles in blogging.

Obstacles in Blogging-

  1. Excessive competition makes it tougher.
  2. Google rates every blogging according to its PR(page rank) so its tougher to get a good PR.
  3. Google Panda and Penguin drops your rank down if your blog is not updated.
  4. Other distractions in your life like studies and job.
  5. Discouragement by family and relatives.
  6. Lack of time.
  7. Expenses of hosting and domain are now costly.
  8. You will have to buy an internet connection[If you don’t have],you might also need a laptop if you are a “On The Go” blogger.
  9. Choosing a good platform is one of the dilemmas faced by bloggers.
  10. Not deciding a good niche(Topic To post on) will result in drop down of ranks.

These are some of the worst obstacles and problems faced in blogging,if you think you can raise against them,then you are ready to read our next part-Choosing a good blogging platform.

Choosing a good Blogging Platform-

As i have discussed,Choosing a good blogging platform has become a “Dilemma” to bloggers,but this is not a problem at all.WordPress and Blogger are considered to be the best blogging platforms and I have used both of these platforms.There is nothing to talk about it,as everyone say WordPress is the best platform ever and i’m a proud user of it,but if you are a newbie to blogging you can always go with Google’s Blogger as its free to use and it needs only a domain(At default it comes with a sub-domain) whereas WordPress requires hosting which makes it more costlier and adds up to the “Blogging Expenses”.Take a look at the comparison between these two platforms.


  1. Free sub domain and hosting.
  2. Google gives more importance to blogger.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. Google account can be used to sign in.
  5. Google prefers Blogger results at top of the search results and its easy to get Adsense approved.


  1. impressive developer support.
  2. Wide range of plug-ins and themes.
  3. Better security and SEO when compared with blogger.
  4. Has more post features than blogger.
  5. Post formats can be decided and its easy to code a template using its editor.

You can decide the best suitable one among them,it depends on your needs and budget.Now if you have decided your platform we can continue to the next section.

Why Blogging is Considered as a Job/Career-

I have mentioned that you can earn money through your blog,but how?So this section is to clear your doubts about earning money through your blog.I had mentioned about Adsense in the discussion of platforms given above,So what is Adsense?

Adsense-Its an advertising service by Google which pays you every time when a visitor clicks on a ad displayed on your site.There are many other advertising services,but Adsense is the best as its powered by Google.This is considered as the best service because it pays the highest possible amount to every click and one of the best thing in it is that this service displays the ads which are related to your content or the niche on which you post.So its totally safe and trust able.But getting an Adsense approval is a tough thing.

Now you are thorough with all the elements of blogging and i have tried my level best to clear all of your confusion,now lets have  a look at the last section which is really important only for the people who would  like to adapt blogging as their career.

Things to Be Avoided In Blogging-

Most of the new bloggers get into wrong ideas of blogging and they end up spoiling their blog and their blogging career so i have some “Don’ts” for all the new bloggers who have decided to blog.

  1. Never link to low quality sites.
  2. Never use black hat SEO.
  3. Never copy articles from other blogs.
  4. Don’t publish unlicensed software.
  5. Don’t publish paid things for free,this will violate the copyright.


This ends our guide of blogging,now its your turn to blog in the best way.Be sure to leave a comment  about the post and also you can ask any questions related to blogging and SEO through the comments.

The Definitive Guide to Blogging For Beginners
Article Name
The Definitive Guide to Blogging For Beginners
This is a a complete guide to Blogging for beginners which covers the topics like making money with blogging, Blogging tips, platforms for blogging- WordPress and blogger.This guide aims at explaining the important elements such as SEO, link building, Money Blogging and much more.
Hari Charan
Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

Hari Charan

Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

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