The Scientific Method To Select The Best Gadgets Using Artificial Intelligence


Going through 100’s of customer reviews on flipkart or amazon, asking a lot of people, reading a lot of reviews on various sites and what not ? We all do at least one of these before buying an expensive gadget. I mean, who wants to spend their money to get a thing that’s below their expectations?  NOBODY. But do you realize that you are wasting a lot of time doing all this ? When you sit and read every review on e-commerce sites, or on gadget reviewing sites, you are wasting your precious time and don’t we all know that …

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LeadPage Vs GetResponse: the quest to find the best Landing Page software

lead page

If you are looking at engaging a Landing Page creator for your website or blog, then you must be already overwhelmed over the options available in the market. While there is no doubt that more than one good software are available for the purpose, the best one would be a service that meets your particular needs without burning a hole in your pocket. So, today we are reviewing two of the leading Landing Page creators Leadpage Vs GetResponse to figure out which one is the best. We are reviewing both the software on basis of major features such as templates, …

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[GUIDE*] How to Disable Notifications in Google Chrome

Desktop notifications feature in Chrome was designed in order to make it easy to check your updates. Its a really handy thing when it comes to services like Gmail and Google Docs. It pops on the right side of taskbar, even if you are using another program or looking in desktop. Although, feature is good, but some times it can be annoying when too many sites starts notifying you with their ads and other things. Yes !, These notifications can include ads in them and can be really noisy and annoying if you don’t stop them manually. But as we …

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Checkout Google’s New Awesome Bookmark Manager for Chrome Browser

Every Internet user knows about the bookmarks, , They save so much of time. But managing the Bookmarks whose list was little large was tedious work and finding out the required bookmark when we needed urgently is a irritating process. If you don’t have all these works and looking for a tool manage the bookmarks then checkout this Google Chrome browser extension Bookmark Manager. This Bookmark Manger for Chrome Browser is launched by Google.It is given out to the public as extension. Hope Google should make this extension a default one from next release of chrome, to manage the Bookmarks …

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