How To Remote Control Your PC With Windows Phone 8 Apps?

Windows phone is the new trend these days which works with the Windows operating system and is competing hard with the android and IOS devices. But did you ever know? you can connect your Windows PC and your Windows phone? Your Windows phone is with you and your PC is at your home. Your are in a far away place and you seriously have to do something in your PC but you stay helpless. Not an issue anymore. All you need is a remote app that extends your Windows Desktop into the palm of your hand. How to Remote Control …

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Windows Password and WiFi Password Recovery Tool [Giveaway]

Hi guys, today we’ve come-up with a brand new review on Windows Password + Wi-Fi Password Recovery Tool, you can find many apps like this one but, trust me this one is the best. You need to pay for other recovery tools, where as this product offers you a free trial at first ;).   This wonderful app lets you to recover your password of Administrator Account, in other words you can crack the password of other windows account. And the Wi-Fi password recovery tool helps you to recover or crack the Wi-Fi password with ease. I know its cool, right ?  …

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What is iCloud Backup and Why people Use it?


  You’d have probably heard the words “cloud backup” or “Cloud computing” . if not, here’s the definition- Cloud is the data stored on a computer server ( the Internet!) which can be accessed by only the ones who own it. This enables the users to access or download the uploaded data anywhere through any device. You can store anything- Photos, Videos, Contacts, Documents and everything! Recommended- Restore iPhone From iCloud Backup Well, Now you’re familiar with the term- “Cloud” computing….Now, here’s another question- What is iCloud? iCloud is a cloud storage service by Apple. This service is available to the …

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How To Enable Hibernate Mode In Windows 8 / 8.1


You know what ? I had a tough time figuring out how to shut down my PC which runs “Windows 8 “. to be frank, its fairly complicated and the new interface is really tough to operate ( at least for me) . But now, its going good. You’ll realize that Win 8 would be the best only if you know how to use it. So, today I wanted share how I Hibernate my Windows 8 PC. Well, Here are some things you need to know about this wonderful feature. What’s Hibernation? Actually, Hibernation refers to a resting state or the torpid using which …

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