What is iCloud Backup and Why people Use it?


  You’d have probably heard the words “cloud backup” or “Cloud computing” . if not, here’s the definition- Cloud is the data stored on a computer server ( the Internet!) which can be accessed by only the ones who own it. This enables the users to access or download the uploaded data anywhere through any device. You can store anything- Photos, Videos, Contacts, Documents and everything! Recommended- Restore iPhone From iCloud Backup Well, Now you’re familiar with the term- “Cloud” computing….Now, here’s another question- What is iCloud? iCloud is a cloud storage service by Apple. This service is available to the …

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Yesware Giveaway – Email For The Internet Marketers


Hello everyone, We’re back with a review of an amazing E-Mail tracking platform called Yesware.  If you’re a daily reader at Le Geeks, you’d probably know about this platform as I had talked about it in this post- Bullet Proof Strategies to Make Money With Paid Reviews.  Yesware helps online entrepreneurs, bloggers and Marketers to track their E-mails. Yes, it helps you to track emails.In other words, It actually tells you whether the E-mail receiver has opened your mail. Technically, you can’t find too many software or add-ons doing such a unique thing. According to my knowledge, there are only 10-20 software …

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Kepard Review- The Best Free VPN Service ( 5x Premium Accounts Giveaway)


Hi guys, its been a while since I wrote my last review. Anyway I have a new review here. I hope many of your guys are facing problem accessing some websites. I know, I myself have encountered that problem. Websites like 4loot and Gifthulk offer their service only for U.S members. I know you guys want to resolve this issue, So we present you “KEPARD” the best *FREE* VPN Service. Wondering what is the meaning of VPN ? Don’t worry we’ll assist you there. What is VPN ? First of all, VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. There are 3 types …

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MoboRobo – An Excellent Desktop Manager For iDevices and Android


Recently, I bought a new Android phone and  I had a tough time installing apps, syncing files from my old phone and also I faced difficulty in uninstalling some of the useless apps on my phone. I thought switching to a simpler phone with a less features so that It wouldn’t be a headache to do all these, But a friend told me about an amazing tool- MoboRobo. Now, I’m really happy with my Android Device and I’m able to do everything i wanted to do! Thanks To MoboRobo. MoboRobo, is one of the best Smartphone PC manager I’ve seen. …

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