Make Web Video – Create Your Own Animated Business Promo In 30 Minutes


Recently,I Started working on a new project- Infinity Talents , Its a video site which is a portfolio of talents of young people, inspirational talks, or anything that inspires people. You all know, marketing is one of the toughest jobs and I had tough time promoting it.  I got  an idea of making a promo video for my new site so that it would be easy to promote it and I started looking for professional designers. Most of them charged about $500-$1000 and it wasn’t affordable for me.  I started looking for cheap video promo designers , but at last …

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UnoTelly- Watch Online TV Without Any Geo Targeted Blocking


Well, I’m a fan of watching TV online.There are several official websites such as “abc” which allow you to watch the full episodes once they or TV or live stream it.When i tried it, i got this – “This content is not available for your country”. There are several other websites that stream movies and TV shows, but most of them are available only to UK or US. That’s disappointing, but there was a cool service that came to my rescue! Yeah, its UnoTelly. UnoTelly helped me to bypass the Geo Targeted Content blocking used by several websites and allowed …

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