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Engineering College Admission in Techy Way

If you are an Engineering aspirant, then choosing the best engineering college may be a little more than confusing and exhausting for you. But if you let the cutting edge technology of today help you in this journey, it can prove to be quite an


Wafer- The Most Customizable, Inexpensive & Stylish NFC Tag

NFC (Near Field Communication)  has been the new way of sharing things between two or more NFC enabled devices.  NFC is considered as the future of connecting and sharing files as it consumes less battery than any other connecting function on your phone, lesser than


Perfectly Analyze the Market -Marketing Science

Marketing Science is one of the most important stuff we bloggers, Entrepreneurs and Business peoples have come across.We all know that Hard work and smart work is the best way to reach the point of success.But 80% of the peoples who are starting with it doesn’t

Start a Business Within 8 Days

How To Start Your Own Company Within 8 Days

I had never posted about Entrepreneurship in Le Geeks, Well today we are going to start of with basics, yeah… Its a post which gives you the basic tips which will help you to start your own company with a solid base within 8 Days!

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