Top Trends in Wireless Technology and Communication 2017

Wireless technology is pervasive and is found all around us. From mobile phones to security terminals, all these devices use this type of technology to provide a seamless and intuitive experience to users. Businesses are increasingly reliant on wireless technology and the importance of adapting to the times is being felt now more than ever. Wireless technology is continuously evolving and improving every day. A clear technology trend is emerging, and in 4 years there are likely to be 4 times the number of wireless Internet-capable devices. Today, it is so easy to connect and communicate with other devices that …

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John Green’s Advice For Writers: Make Gifts For People


Becoming a successful writer is a tough task and you need to work hard to get noticed as a writer or a blogger. You won’t succeed if you do it for money, fame or for anything that brands you as a selfish guy. Instead, do it for people, make gifts for them, Says John Green. I’m actually a fan of 9Gag and I came across this amazing infographic which caught my attention. It had an advice which actually works and probably would be the best inspiration to write !  And for those who don’t know, John Green is a Famous …

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6 Blackhat SEO Activities You Must Avoid in 2014


With Google continuing to increase its efforts on checking unscrupulous and harmful SEO activities to improve search engine rankings, numerous sites are being penalized or banned in totality. Therefore it is imperative that you avoid certain fraudulent Balckhat SEO activities at all costs in 2014: Doorway pages – are those pages that are attached to websites targeting specific keywords, without providing values for visitors. They are dependent on the notion that visitors will automatically continue browsing the site after landing on them. Quantity of links over quality. Link building is a very important aspect of SEO campaigns, but the need …

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WhatsApp UI Integrated with Facebook Concept [InfoGraphic]


WhatsApp, the hugely popular social messaging app was in news a couple of weeks ago,because social networking giant Facebook acquired it for whooping 19 billion USD. Prior to that,Facebook bought Instagram for 1 billion USD, looks like Facebook is coming up with a fine plan,which is strengthening its mobile user base by acquiring some of the most famous mobile appsused by millions of people across the globe. Since, WhatsApp is now in Facebook’s hand, so we can expect frequent changes or complete redesign in the app soon, very much like the changes that we see on Facebook’s UI every then …

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