Pixel 2: Fix Now Playing Not Showing in Sound Settings

If there’s one thing about Google that doesn’t fail to amaze and astonish is its progress towards AI. If you’ve watched the Pixel 2 launch you’d know that Google is trying to working hard, continuing their shift  from a mobile first to an AI first world ~Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) A world where smartphones are truly smart, and complicated problems can be solved using software rather than an extra piece of hardware( Yes, I’m talking about the dual camera thing, Google does the portrait with a single camera while all other phones need two cameras to accomplish the same, …

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XNSPY Vs. mSpy: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly of the Best iPhone Spy


If you Google, you will come across many XNSPY vs. mSpy reviews, but most of them are usually partial and skewed. To take care of that, we have written this comparison review of XNSPY and mSpy that promises to deliver to you a completely unbiased look at these two iPhone spy apps. While buying an iPhone spy app, there are a few different factors to consider, and therefore, we have divided our review into the following five sections: –    Features –    Performance –    Pricing –    Compatibility –    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly XNSPY XNSPY is just a few-years-old …

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Newton-The Futuristic Email App


We all know that “emailing” plays an important role in almost every online business, no matter how small it is. Email is a channel between you and your clients, your advertisers and your investors and it’s really necessary that we make sure our emails are written properly, our inbox is well-organized and most importantly that we don’t miss out any mails. Most of you are going to tell me that you all are doing good with the conventional mailing apps, but is that really true? I don’t think so. Tell me something, every time you pitch your blog or your online …

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Best Budget 4G Smartphones In India Under 25,000 | 2015

Best Budget 4G Smartphones In India

We all know how speed matters in everyday life, especially when it is Internet. Slow data connection does not only slows the whole thing down but also results in huge mental disappointment and frustration. Ask this to all who either have no internet in their area or no money in their pockets. That’s why you’ll find many on going petitions over the web to make the internet free and few asks to make it a birthright for everyone! So, lets get apart from this and be happy what we are going to get now. 4G services have been already took …

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