Levi’s Project FLX: Laser worn denims (Sustainable and Fast)


Levi’s, a household name when it comes to denim, dates back to 1873 ,when Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss came up with this revolutionary fabric that’d change the fashion industry forever . Perfecting their craft for over a century, Levi’s has become the best at what it does, making denim jeans that look amazing and yet so comfortable. They are also known for coming up with new ways of manufacturing denim to cut down the usage of water and other resources. The Project FLX, a new method devised by Levi’s to distress denim makes use of lasers to make their …

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The Scientific Method To Select The Best Gadgets Using Artificial Intelligence


Going through 100’s of customer reviews on flipkart or amazon, asking a lot of people, reading a lot of reviews on various sites and what not ? We all do at least one of these before buying an expensive gadget. I mean, who wants to spend their money to get a thing that’s below their expectations?  NOBODY. But do you realize that you are wasting a lot of time doing all this ? When you sit and read every review on e-commerce sites, or on gadget reviewing sites, you are wasting your precious time and don’t we all know that …

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Suicide Squad Review: Is It Suicide To be Watching It?


Hey Geeks! its been a long time since i wrote something here, 2 years and 5 months to be precise! Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of mails asking me to start writing on Le Geeks again, well, i’m back guys! And I’m never going to leave it like that again! I’m really sorry for disappointing you all, but I promise to fix everything, Le Geeks is going to be Legendary again! J Suicide Squad! Is it really as bad as the critics say? Is it worth watching? Keep Reading….. Forewarning-I’m Not a DC Fan, the only series of DC …

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Engineering College Admission in Techy Way

If you are an Engineering aspirant, then choosing the best engineering college may be a little more than confusing and exhausting for you. But if you let the cutting edge technology of today help you in this journey, it can prove to be quite an easy task. All you need to do is to take the step by step guide chalked out by us here. So, let’s begin our journey to find you the best engineering college the techy way: Step 1: The first and foremost thing is to select or short list a number of institutions where you want …

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