Cutting Edge Guide To Make Money With Sponsored Reviews


Hey Everyone, I had been posting some reviews since a long time. Of course they were helpful to you and most of them are even free to use. But did you know that, i got paid to write those posts? yeah! I got paid to review their products on my blog. These kind of posts are called Paid Posts or Sponsored Reviews. As we don’t encourage ads, we use paid posts as our main source of income and that has actually helped us to to make much money than my other blogs with Adsense ads. Believe it or not, last month, …

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7 Practical methods To Double Your AdSense Income With Ease


Hey everyone, we’re back with a new set of posts related to Monetization. First, we had talked about making money with paid posts and Email marketing , now we’re going to make some money with AdSense (Actually,We’re gonna double it) .  Frankly speaking, this isn’t a beginners guide, its more like a guide for people who  are already using AdSense and for the ones who are able to make a decent income with it ($0.50+). And This isn’t a post which asks you to increase your traffic or to write quality content,  this one is totally different and you’ll love it! …

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Write An Email to Approach Advertisers, Like A Boss


E-Mail is one of the best ways to contact advertisers, who pay you for advertising on your blog or for writing a review about them. If your blog has good rankings in Alexa, Google and a high DA, then the Advertisers will contact you on their own. But most of the times, your blog might not get noticed, so the only way to make money is by contacting advertisers and requesting them to advertise on your blog. Email marketing is the easiest to do and it gives you the best results. It doesn’t even require any Marketing Science Skills :p …

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