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Perfectly Analyze the Market -Marketing Science

Marketing ScienceĀ is one of the most important stuff we bloggers, Entrepreneurs and Business peoples have come across.We all know that Hard work and smart work is the best way to reach the point of success.But 80% of the peoples who are starting with it doesn’t


How To Find Out Who Visited Your Facebook Profile ?

    Everyone is curious to know who visited their Facebook profile.Be it a girl or a boy, they tend to have an etching desire to find out who visited their Facebook profile as they are filled with these common questions- “Whether my crush checks

Facebook Look Back Movie

How To Edit Your Facebook “A Look Back” Video ?

Facebook has been with us since 2004, Founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes in their Hostel room! It all began as just a portal connecting all of the students belonging to the Cambridge University, later it began to expand


How to Disable the “Seen By” Feature In Facebook Chat?

I have seen many people complain that the Facebook has taken over their privacy by introducing the “Seen By xyz” and “Xyz is typing” in Facebook chat, Well this surely is annoying if you wan tot check your crush’s messages,but you don’t want him/her to

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