How to Check Your Own Mobile Number : Airtel, Aircel, Docomo, Idea,etc


Whenever you get a new SIM card, it takes time for you to by heart your own mobile number. Sometimes,you might even forget your own mobile number due to several confusions and you always give a call to your friends or relatives mobile so that you can have a look at your number,its a long process,isn’t it? Well, now on, you can just use the codes in this tutorial to Check your own mobile number for major network providers such as the below given ones, we will actually use some codes that’ll show up your mobile number without wasting much time.,

How to Find Out My Own Phone Number in Airtel Aircel Idea BSNL Tata Docomo and Reliance

  1. Airtel
  2. BSNL
  3. Aircel
  4. Idea
  5. Reliance
  6. Tata Docomo
  7. Vodafone
  8. Videocon
  9. Virgin

You just have to open up your phone’s Dialer, type these codes and finally you need to hit the call button or sometimes you just need to type it. You’ll see that a small window pops up giving you the required details (Some carriers ask you to confirm it, just hit “OK” to proceed) . And the best part is that it works even with zero balance as its completely free, even better than calling others to check your mobile number because even that requires currency!


Check Your Airtel Mobile Number-

  • *121*9#
  • *140*1600#
  • *400*2*1*10#
  • *140*175
  •  *282#  *141*123#

Check Your Aircel Mobile Number-

  • *122*131#
  • *888#
  • *1#
  • *234*4#
  • *131#

Check Your BSNL Mobile Number-

  • *1#
  • *99#

Check Your Idea Mobile Number-

  • *147#
  • *1#
  • *789#
  • *131*1#
  • *100#

Check Your Reliance Mobile Number-

  •  *1#
  • *111#

Check Your Tata Docomo Mobile Number-

  • *1#
  • *580#
  • *124#

Check Your Vodafone Mobile Number-

  • *111*2#
  • *555#
  • *555*0#
  • *777*0#
  • *131*0#

Check Your Videocon Mobile Number-

  • *1#

Check Your Virgin Mobile Number-

  • *1#

we haven’t tested all these numbers out,but most of them are guaranteed to work. We are looking forward for your comments related to it.Hope you find it informative and useful.Next time you forget your number don’t ask your friend/ relative,just type these codes and you’ll get your mobile number within a second and yo don’t have to waste time looking for alternatives.Its tough to remember all these codes too,so just bookmark our page and share it 😉 Stay tuned for more.

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