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Hello geeks,Most of you might know that traffic is one of the important things in blogging and it plays an vital role in Google Page Rank and even in Alexa Ranking.Traffic is one of the main factor which will help you to generate maximum revenue through Google AdSense or through any other ads publishing network.But some of your blogs may lack traffic due to which you may not be approved by any ads publishing networks or you might be ranked low,so how can you increase your traffic in the “Easy Way”? Its simple,just by reading our guide and by implementing these things.Lets get started.

1.High Quality Content-

Your blog must contain unique content which would be able to attract users to your blog.Your content shouldn’t be available anywhere,So that users get into your blog searching for some or the other thing.Here “High quality content” means your content must be well furnished with idioms and phrases,easily understandable,clear and detail,interactive and must contain lots of images and videos so that the user understands the post properly.These kinds of content compels a user to recommend your blog to his/her friend which will pull up a lot of traffic from his friends circle.High quality content even helps in building up your rank and it also helps in getting an AdSense approval.So keep blogging with high quality content.

2.Giveaways and Freebies-

Giveaways would surely give a massive boost to your traffic.Organizing a giveaway may require some investment but the result will surely be effective.You can always try to create a giveaway with an attractive reward like “Skullcandy Headphones” or something like a “USB Drive”.This will attract a lot of users to your blog and even helps you to increase your blog’s social presence.I would recommend you to use “PunchTab” to organize your giveaways as its easy to use and has lots of options to use which can help you to increase your blog’s social presence.

3.Share Your Posts-

Your blog may have many fans but those fans may not know that you have a new post,so i would recommend you to make a page for your blog and start sharing all your posts in your page or even on your wall,this will start driving traffic from all the possible social networks.The best recommended social networks are-

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google +

Create social accounts and pages for your blog in the above listed social sites,this will boost your traffic in an easy way.

Note-Don’t spam a lot,this will add your blog to the spam list and your Google Page Rank will drop down.

4.Regular Updates-

Update you blog regularly so that your visitors comeback every day to check your blog.This will also help you to kick off the Google’s Panda and Penguin updates(We will talk about them in a new post).Here’s a funny quote on Panda and penguin update-

“One post per day keeps the Google Panda away”

As the quote says keep your blog updated so that you will be able to avoid the Google Panda and Penguin updates while your readers enjoy your regular updates everyday.

5.Directory Submission-

Directory submission will drag a lot of traffic to your blog and this will also result in Do- Follow Backlinks which will easily improve your Google Page Rank. Submitting your blog to popular directories will also earn you some subscribers through the feeds displayed.Try to get a place in trust-able directories like Dmoz. They add up some value to your blog which will earn you some traffic.

6.Attractive Titles-

This is one of the most important factor,attractive titles will surely get you many visitors.Here is a simple example of titles- “Addictive Android Apps”,This can be renamed as “Top 10 Addictive Apps For Your Android Phone”. As you can see,we have added up some spicy elements to the boring title to make it interesting and attractive.These are the things which i have used in the title-

  • A Number to show up the list or number of points in the post.[Here its “10”].
  • Some adjectives.[Here its “Top”].
  • Interactive Words.[Here its “Your”].

Try to add up these three things to your post titles and you will start gaining lot of traffic to your blog.

7.Proper SEO(Search Engine Optimization)-

Better SEO would get your blog in top of the search results and this would drive a lot of traffic to your blog.SEO is mutually related with traffic,better Traffic will result in better Page Rank and that would get your blog listed in top of the search engines and that is what we call “SEO”.

8.Use Of Images and Videos-

You can make the best use of media to promote your post.Put up some eye catching images and videos into your post,this will get you a lot of traffic easily.Adding images has many benefits,The first one is that it attracts many visitors and the second one is that your blog’s images may appear in Google’s image search(only is its well optimized) and this would result in much more traffic when they click that image.

Note- Check for the copyrights and all other necessary things when you use the images and videos on the internet as some are restricted to be used for commercial or personal purposes.

9.Interlink Your Posts-

Add links to your previous posts or to some related categories,this will help your users to navigate and read in a better way.interlinking of posts will also result in a better page rank and SEO,so this is one of the important factors to get a lot of traffic to your blog.

10.Guest Posting-

Guest post in other popular blogs which are related to your niche,this  will get you a good backlink and also will rise your popularity in the same niche.You can leave a tagline like- “Find more about this on *My-Blog*”.This would attract a lot of visitors to your blog. Remember these things while you submit a guest post-

  1. Check for the Blog’s Page Rank.
  2. Check Whether the content put up there is unique.
  3. Ask them for many backlinks to your blog.

If they agree to these terms,then start making a post for them 🙂 .

11.Commenting On Other Blogs-

Check other blogs with the same niche and make meaningful comments in their blogs.Make such comments that the author would approve it instantly.Let the comment be like this- “I agree to your bro,But here’s a complete guide related to this- *Your-Post*” or like- “great post buddy,be sure to check this out-*Your-Post*.This would impress the author while it rives traffic to your blog.

12.Drive Traffic Through Forums-

Stay active in various forums related to your niche and share content in there, At the end put  up a tagline like – “Read More Here”. This will surely get you many visitors if your post in the forum is valid.But be sure that your post won’t violate the forum rules and regulations.

13.Answer Queries In Other Sites Through Your Posts-

There are many sites having many questions,one such example is the Yahoo’s Q&A site.Try to make posts based on their queries and put your post’s link as an answer to their question.Try doing this for popular or Frequently asked questions on the internet.This will surely get you some better results.

14.Blog against the Popular Posts Written in Popular Blogs-

Making these type of posts will get you a lot of traffic and you can even use this trick whenever you are out of blogging ideas.Just check some popular blogs and then blog against that post,finally put up a comment in their blog,In This way you can drag a lot of traffic to your blog.

15.Caution- Use Only The “White-Hat” ways-

There are two types of traffic,one is the Black Hat Traffic,these are obtained by cheating or tricking Search Engines and users by showing fake content and by using other inappropriate tactics.The second one is the White Hat Traffic which is gained by using appropriate methods specified in this post.These are Search Engine friendly and completely legal.So use only the White hat ways specified here.

Few Last Words-

This ends up our long list of “Easy-Ways” to gain traffic to your blog,use these tricks and your blog will surely gear up.Be sure to use only the White Hat optimization(All the points specified here are “White-Hat”) techniques and don’t even think about black hat techniques,they are easy but they may get your blog banned from the internet or even it may get affected in the Google Panda and Penguin update.

Hari Charan
Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

Hari Charan

Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

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