All You Need To Know About Raspberry Pi

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The Raspberry Pi is a small computer board that can be attached to a TV or any display. It’s a small ARM based PC that can do many of the functions of a desktop PC such as spreadsheets, word processes and games etc., it can also play High Definition videos.
It is developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, UK with the intention of promoting the teaching of basic computer science in schools.

Dimensions of the Raspberry Pi are 85.60mm x 56mm x 21mm. It weighs around 45g.There are two versions available for Raspberry Pi, Model A and Model B with slight differences.Model A is introductory product released in 2012 February, with SOC (System On Chip) Broadcom BCM 2835 includes ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz processor, GPU (Graphical Procession Unit) with Broadcom Video Core IV at 250MHz and 256 Mb SDRAM shared with GPU and no Ethernet is provided.Model B has more enhanced features that are not available with A with 2 USB2.0 ports and with 512 Mb SDRAM shared with GPU, 10/100 Ethernet. It supports USB hub if there is need of more ports.


Model  A

Model  B




System On Chip (SOC)

Broadcom BCM 2835


ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz processor


Broadcom Video Core IV at 250MHz


256MB  RAM,Shared with GPU

512 MB RAM, Shared with GPU

USB 2.0


2 ( can be increased by integrating with HUB)

Video Out


Audio Out

3.5mm Jack , HDMI supported


SD/MMC/SDIO card slot


No Ethernet

RJ45 Ethernet

Peripheral Connectors

8 x GPIO, UART, SPI bus

Power Rating

300mA (1.5 W)

700mA(3.5  W)

Power Source

5 Volts with Micro USB or GPIO header

The GPU can provide Open GL ES 2.0, hardware-accelerated OpenVG, and 1080p30 H.264 high-profile decode. The GPU is capable of 1Gpixel/s, 1.5Gtexel/s or 24 GFLOPs of general purpose to compute, it is said that graphics capabilities are roughly equivalent to Xbox 1 level of performance.

Can this over clocked?

It can be over clocked, Devices run well on Raspberry Pi at 800MHz. Latest Raspbian has an option to change the over clocking options on first boot and any time afterwards, without voiding your warranty. But it is not so recommended. You may come up with issues.


The Raspberry Pi boots from the SD running a version of Linux and take over by USB HD after the first boot and you cannot start Raspberry Pi without SD card.

Can we connect a Camera?

It is Possible to connect a Camera module to your Raspberry Pi Board by inserting the flex cable in to the connector situated between the Ethernet and HDMI ports with the connectors facing the HDMI port.

More About The Raspberry Pi-

You can use your Raspberry Pi as much like Desktop, It can provide Gaming Environment. Programming can also be done on any languages. You can use Office, email, Browsing applications.  NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software) is the new software that can make raspbian more comfortable to work. You can download it from official Raspberry Pi website. Though you can run any adaptable Os on your Raspberry pi,  Raspbian is the Operating System which is good for any Raspberry Pi. You can install Android too on your Raspberry pi and you can add new softwares too.

One of the crucial reason to develop Raspberry Pi is to create an good and affordable computer to students who could use it as an application development platform. Programming on the Pi is made easy by the providing various tools, available along with the Raspbian operating system. The programming language provided by the Pi is Python. Raspberry Pi had Python module called Pygame, a game construction kit that will help you to learn basic game building principles. There are also some programs included that have been written in Python, so that u can get some basic idea. Scratch is also included in Rasbian, an easy to use development tool with a drag-and-drop GUI that makes building conditions and in-game situations easy and simple. PHP can also be successfully used, opening up some interesting possibilities for using this mini-computer as a web server.

Raspberry Pi also works as a Media Center, Using USB ports and Networking can make small as a small set-top box streaming media from a PC or the web and as an all-in-one unit, accessing external hard disk drives and other storage media and outputting the media to your TV or sound system. But you need to run it with XBMC software also called as Raspbmc.
There are a lot more you can do in your Raspberry Pi like Home Automation Server, Gaming Machine, integrated to touch Screen, Wireless Access point, extending range of router, and many more. Raspberry Pi is a versatile computer, there are more you can do. Raspberry Pi had connectors allowing for the addition of further functions and components.

Hari Charan
Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

Hari Charan

Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

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