Pixel 2: Fix Now Playing Not Showing in Sound Settings

If there’s one thing about Google that doesn’t fail to amaze and astonish is its progress towards AI. If you’ve watched the Pixel 2 launch you’d know that Google is trying to working hard, continuing their shift

 from a mobile first to an AI first world

~Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google)

A world where smartphones are truly smart, and complicated problems can be solved using software rather than an extra piece of hardware( Yes, I’m talking about the dual camera thing, Google does the portrait with a single camera while all other phones need two cameras to accomplish the same, how does Google do it ? Machine Learning.)

Here’s the full video of the launch event.


Lets get to the Now playing issue.

The pixel 2 comes with a feature called now playing which is pretty much like “Hey Siri, What’s playing?” , only thing that’s different or the one which puts Pixel 2 ahead is that you don’t have to ask the phone to show you what’s playing. As soon as I got my pixel 2, I was really excited about the camera, the active edge (squeeze for the assistant) and also the now playing feature.

Everything worked fine , but I couldn’t see the Now Playing on my lock screen.

I went to the settings as directed, then to “Sound”, then to advanced settings, scrolled all the way down, only to find that the now playing option to be missing! This freaked me out. What do I do when i freak out? I Google. I Googled for a fix and noticed that a few people had similar problems, but none had the solution.

Well guess what? It’s real simple.

The Google Pixel’s now playing feature works after you finish the necessary updates by connecting your phone to a WiFi. This includes updating the “Pixel Ambient Services”.

So update the Pixel Ambient Settings in the play store , go to Sound> Advanced settings>Enable the Now Playing Feature and you’re good to go!


Summary of the fix:

  1. Go to The Play Store and update the Pixel Ambient Services App.
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go To Sound
  4. Go To Advanced Settings
  5. Enable Now Playing by clicking on it and ticking Show on Lock screen.

What do you think of the Pixel 2 ? Let me know in the comments.

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