GetResponse vs Vertical Response: The Easy Winner

1. GR vs VRI have an e-learning business and I rely on my email marketing campaigns to drive most of my leads and clients. I have used a few platforms including Vertical Response in the past, but now I rely on GetResponse. It is an awesome support to my business for a number of reasons. in this review I would like to elaborate on the main features and reasons why I find GetResponse (GR) better than Vertical Response.

What I have to Say about GetResponse?

GR made it much easier for me to manage many emails and newsletters. It allows me to get a preview of how my newsletters will appear on different screens including mobile. The analytics offered are also quite useful. Besides, the customer support team is also great. They never failed me!

That doesn’t mean that Vertical Response has not been good. But GetResponse is simply better!

Key Differences Between GetResponse & Vertical Response

2. GR - Features

Some of the main differences I have found between GR and VR are as following:

  • With GetResponse, I am able to manage my account and all functions from any device – my PC/laptop using the web browser, or from my Android phone. It can also be accessed via iOS devices. VR, on the other hand, allowed me only web access.
  • Some of the main features that make GR the perfect email marketing software for me include webforms and landing pages. I can also create intuitive surveys. All these features, when combined together, help me in building and keeping my subscribers. VR has the other features but it doesn’t allow you to create surveys.
  • Both GetResponse and VR game me a clean and quality experience when it came to navigation.
  • GR is versatile. It can be used by everyone – by the tech-savvy and the beginner. I found that VR is suitable more for beginners. As you gain more experience in email marketing, you will need something more as offered by GetResponse.
  • Once I signed up for GR, it offered me complete freedom as to the features I could use within my plan. On the other hand, VR has certain restrictions on their pro plans.
  • Both GetResponse and Vertical Response offer hundreds of templates to meet different purposes. I found both neck to neck in this section whether it was to create webforms, landing pages or unique newsletters.
  • If you want to build powerful and effective campaigns with high level of engagement, GR is a far better option. It also helps you reach a larger audience. You cannot achieve the same level of engagement from VR.
  • The Vertical Response analytics board is just fair enough. On the other hand, GetResponse offers me an ideal analytics interface.

Main Features Comparisons

Unique & Engaging Forms

3. GR - Custom Fields 1

This is the feature that I use the most and GetResponse is easily the winner here. There are multiple template categories from where I can select from hundreds of different options. They also allow me to choose between HTML-free and HTML-based form builders. I don’t use the latter because they are ideally suited for advanced users.

4. GR - Custom Fields

Custom Field – GetResponse allows you to create custom fields so that you can collect the desired information about your audience. I always add different fields to my forms and surveys. This helps me get insights into my subscriber profiles to help deliver them the right programs. I could never find so much flexibility and options with Vertical Response. It is not to say that they don’t allow web form creation, it is not so feature-loaded and engaging for me.

Besides, I could create engaging, custom surveys on GR, which requires me to pay more to VR. That’s a little harsh!


5. GR - AutoResponder 2.0

If I can know what my target audience is doing now with my email or on my landing page or on my site and if I can send the right message to them without wasting time, I turn up the winner most of the time. That is exactly what GetResponse’s AutoResponder 2.0 helps me achieve.

6. VR - AutoResponder

Vertical Response also matches up to GR, but it is still behind. It does send out ‘welcome’, ‘thanks’ and other messages at the right time, but GR allows me to take it to an advanced level.

Lists Booster

My business depends on building my list, and there’s no limit to from where I could be getting my contacts from.

8. GR - List Booster

There are almost two dozen ways that GR allows me to add to my email list. Some of the most important ones are:

  • From mail clients
  • From disks
  • Services like LinkedIn, Google Docs and Salesforce

Besides, the email marketing program also has a List Building Program with a 90-day free offer.

On the other hand, Vertical Response doesn’t offer so many options when it comes to building your email list. Its contact management feature mostly revolves around uploading your contacts.

Inbox Preview

This is one feature I already mentioned in the beginning. It is one of the main reasons why I like GetResponse compared to VR. I can get previews of how my emails would look across all the platforms including email clients, web mails and mobiles.

The ‘Inbox Preview’ feature appears within the email editor. I can view my email within all the leading inboxes instantly. I can make the required changes in an instant to ensure that they appear optimally at the other end.

9. GR - Mobile Preview

Mobile Preview – Best of all, with GetResponse, I can also get previews of how my emails will look in the major mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

Vertical Response also has a preview feature but it is nowhere near what GR offers. Once I started using GetResponse, it was impossible for me to go back!

Price Difference

When I found a more feature-loaded email marketing program at a more affordable price, it was easy to move on. I spend less than $40 per month for my annual plan with GR. In the past I was spending around $50 a month on my VR plan.

10. VR vs GR - Price

GetResponse offers custom templates within the same plan, while Vertical Response needed me to upgrade to the premium plan. This meant spending another $30-35 per month. That’s double the current amount within which I am getting everything.

It seemed all the more logical to more onto a better software while paying less for it!


Vertical Response has multiple levels plans for different types of users. But it almost doesn’t feel fair that they charge extra for every new feature. Besides, GetResponse is loaded with so many features, one would certainly come to think why choose another email marketing service that charges more and yet doesn’t stand up to the challenge.

Better Inbox Preview, larger number of methods to boost email lists, better AutoResponder, and more engaging forms are some of the main reasons I chose GR over VR. I get better level of engagement with my campaigns. So there is no point in switching back to my old email marketing provider.

With over three dozen features, GR is considered one of the best email marketing services out in the market. But for me, it is the best one. Highly recommended to everyone – from the simple user to the most advanced one!

Hari Charan
Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

Hari Charan

Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

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