Kulwant Nagi’s Bullet Proof Strategies- How To Make Money With Paid Posts?

Recently i came across a Facebook group which featured hangouts with Professionals and guess what? Kulwant Sir had posted about his hangout there, any blogger who knew about him would love to join the hangout, but sadly there were overwhelming requests for the hangout. But i thought of trying my luck and just left a comment on that post and i got access to the hangout! As you know he’s one of the guys who make lots of money online, so yesterday he revealed his Bullet Proof Strategies through which he made money by posting in his blog,without any ads! The hangout was extremely informative and I stayed glued to my seat.

Well, you can watch the hangout which is embedded in this post and i have mentioned all the templates, important points and some additional information which Kulwant sir has mentioned in the hangout! believe me,you’ll just love the techniques,specially the wonderful e-mail templates by Kulwant sir.


  1. Finding Paid Post Opportunities
  2. Knowing the Budget of The Advertisers – Watch the hangout, Kulwant sir’s explanation is much more convincing than ours.
  3. Getting Paid post from Flippa and SEO Clerks- Watch The hangout ๐Ÿ˜€
  4. Two Email Templates Mentioned in the video

Finding Paid Post Opportunities-

Finding people who want to post in your blog has become a tough task,then how ย can you find people who want to posting your blog by paying you? Tough task. Nope, not at all. here are some amazing ways to do the same!

Check Others Blogs-

Well,this is one of the best techniques. Go to a famous blog or you can even get into your competitors blog, and then check for the Product review.Here’s one easy task to find the sponsored articles as suggested by Kulwant sir.

  1. Go to a famous blog.
  2. Find the search bar and search for terms likes- Sponsored,Recommended,Review.
  3. Or try finding categories such as the “Reviews”.
  4. Once you found them,click on the post.

Now get into the post and try to get into their official address so that you can get their contact info.Just collect their E-mail or ping them through the Contact form.

Check The sites Which Connect Advertisers and Publishers-

These are the best places to find new advertisers who are really trying hard to promote their product,you can get the maximum benefit from these advertisers as they pay a lot.Here’s a list of such sites-

As shown in the video, you need not get contacted by Advertisers through these sites,instead you can use their contact us page to add some special effects! You just have to contact them and show them your interest to write about their product or service in your blog. Use the E-mail templates which will surely get you positive response,we have included them at the end of the post.

Make money by Publish others Guest post on Your site-

Well, you might be happy that you are getting overwhelming number of guest posts for your site, but frankly speaking, if you publish them, you are a fool falling in their trap! ย Actually they get paid about $500-$600 on your blog! They are the marketers working for others saying that they want their guest post to get published with backlinks to their own site. Here lies the trick, just go to the link, check the about us page and try to find the details of admins and Writers, you’ll be surprised to see that the person who has mailed you has no relation to site!

Actually i wasn’t aware about this until I watched this hangout by Kulwant Sir, Then I started to check my guest post mails, i checked the about us page and they had completely different details! So ask them for a decent price about $50-$100 , i bet, they’ll pay you.

Check out the E-mail template to reply for guest post requests so that you can make money!

Email Templates in the Hangout-

Reply template to make money through guest posters who want to post on your site-

Dear [name],

Thanks for showing interest to write a guest post on our blog.

I have checked your website/product/service and happy to say that it suits our blog niche.

As you have seen, our blog is a very famous [your niche] blog and we are writing high quality articles to satisfy people’s needs.
Due to high number of guest post requests, we have stopped accepting free guest posts on our blog.

so to get your product/service featured on our blog you will have to pay [$x-$y] for a single post.

Our content writing team would deliver best to explore your product/service/website and we will write high quality article.

By getting your product/service/website featured on our blog we are not only going to give you great online exposure but also we are going to promote this article on our famous bookmarking sites and on our twitter and faccebook followers at free of cost.

I highly appreciate your thinking on it.

Waiting for positive reply.

Regards and Thanks,
[your name and position on your site]
[your blog name]

Email Template to approach sponsors and advertisers to get paid posts for your blog-

Hello [Product name] Team,

First of all I would like to say that your product/service is just awesome and you people are doing a great work to bring change in the internet world.

Myself, [Your name], an internet marketer from [Country]. Iam occupied in this field for last [xyz] years.

By exploring your service/product I found that your Product/service is today’s need and anyone can boost their online business by using your product/service.

I have one proposal for you.

At {your blog name] we believe n delivering high quality and valuable information to the world.

I think your product is perfect match for my blog’s audience( About 1,000 unique visitors per day) and they would love to read about it and show interest to buy it.

For this promotion I am going to provide you one exclusive article for your product/service.And for this i am going to charge $120 [include your price here] from you because my article will give an extra boost to your Product/service.

After writing this article we would promote it on social media profiles at free of cost to give you more exposure and traffic, our social media profiles include-

1.[put one of your page with 1k+ likes or ping a friend for it]

[Your name]
[Blog name]

Its recommended that you won’t use these templates as they are just examples to explain how your words can really attract people to pay you! put in your creativity and modify this template and spice it up with adjectives like- “awesome, Cool, Exclusive”.

Questions which I posed-

Well, i doubted whether the sponsors check my Page Rank and DA for promoting their sites, but Kulwant sir said that you just need ย lots of traffic. And he also shared some of his personal experiences about the topic which were really inspiring!


If you haven’t watched the hangout yet, just make sure that you watch it. It contains some of the best ways to make money through paid post. You’d be surprised o know that i got a positive feedback on using these templates on the day i watched this hangout-

Positive Reply For Review

I got 4 positive replies and i’m going to post the reviews soon, thanks to Kulwant Sir and his wonderful hangout.

Hari Charan
Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

Hari Charan

Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

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