Powerful Google Search Hacks That Every Student Should Know (Infographic)



The word that strikes you mind when you are assigned a project or an assignment is “Google” and that’s most powerful tool which will help you find almost everything in the world. Internet has everything and search engines like Google help you find them.You can find anything, Videos, Images, news, Docs, eBooks,etc. But sometimes you may not find what you are looking for.

Here are few Google search hacks that lets you find the best results to help you complete your assignments and project in time! Actually these are the Advanced Google search parameters or the Google search operators that helps you get the best results. These parameters or operators actually get you accurate results because they are more like a language used by the search engines, so it provides you the most accurate results at the best speed!

Google Search Hacks For Students

Courtesy of: HackCollege via TechGYD

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So what do you think about this cool infographic? In my case it helps me find all the necessary answers for my science and history projects.Try these tricks out and comment here 🙂 .
Hari Charan
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  1. Phil Bradley says:

    The ~ search function no longer works. Google in its infinite wisdom decided that it wasn’t needed any longer.

  2. Awesome Inforgraphic Man.! Just Rocking Info About Google It’s Really Helpful For Students

  3. rakesh says:

    Thank’s Hari charan
    this infographic is really helpfull

    visit my site :- http://www.droidwind.com

  4. Jana says:

    Nice Infographic Hari , Thanks for Sharing 🙂

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