Cutting Edge Guide To Make Money With Sponsored Reviews

Hey Everyone, I had been posting some reviews since a long time. Of course they were helpful to you and most of them are even free to use. But did you know that, i got paid to write those posts? yeah! I got paid to review their products on my blog. These kind of posts are called Paid Posts or Sponsored Reviews.

As we don’t encourage ads, we use paid posts as our main source of income and that has actually helped us to to make much money than my other blogs with Adsense ads. Believe it or not, last month, i made over $800 through all the products i reviewed on Le Geeks.

I had already written a post on Kulwant Nagi’s methods of getting paid posts but the current guide is the most advanced one and includes everything you need to do to get lots of paid posts! Its more like a case study of what I did. lets get started.

Find and Target Sites Selling products Related To Your Niche-

Targeting- companies-for-paid-posts

There are many ways to find paid post (sponsored Reviews)  opportunities. Our aim is to target companies that pay well and the ones which are looking to advertise their products.

There are many ways to find advertisers and with a little bit of creativeness, you can come with your own style of finding advertisers!  Here are some exquisite ways to find advertisers who pay high-

1. Use Google Sponsored Ads-

I never knew about this until I came across this wonderful post on Finding Paid Post Opportunities by Abid Omar from ABCD Blogging. Do check it out. Here’s a quick look at my favourite method-

First, Go to and search for a keyword related to your niche. ( I will go with this keyword- “hosting”)

Finding-Paid-Post-oppurtunities-Google-Ads 1

Now, Go to the links with the “ad” button below it. And sort out the less popular ones from the other.

Now, start making a list of  companies which aren’t popular. Actually, the highly used or the highly popular sites won’t accept your request as they look for sites with high ranking such as PCmag, CNET and so on….

Check out Abid’s post and you’ll get to know many more methods to find paid post opportunities.

Find the Contact Details Of A Company-

Now You’ve a list of companies who are looking for blogs to advertise their product, So the next step is to contact them asking for an opportunity to review their product. But How are you going to find their details? The first method is too look for it manually and the second one is to use Google To Find it! 

1.How to find Contact details of a Site Using Google ?

Well, Go to and search for this- Contact “sitename” ( replace sitemane with the URL of the site) Take a look at this example-


Well, I used this search term in Google- contact “” and the results were promising 😉 .

2.Other Ways to Find their contact details-

  • Browse their site to find the contact page.
  • Mail them with their ticket system ( usually found on the Support Page)
  • Use the live chat to get their email.

Contact The Advertisers Asking Them To Advertise On Your Blog-


This one is the most important part and if you do it right, you’ll end up making a lot of money! I would advice you to read this 1,000 words post on “How To Write An Email to Approach Advertisers, Like A Boss? Take a look at that post, i have mentioned some of the most important points which will help you to write a great email that’ll convince the advertiser to accept your offer. Here’s my secret mailing template 🙂 😉 –

Hello [xys] Team,

First of all I would like to say that your product is just awesome and you people are doing a great work by [xyz]!

Myself, Hari Charan, an internet marketer from India. Iam occupied in this field for last 3 years.

By exploring your site I found that your site is today’s need and it does great job by [xyz]!

I have one proposal for you.

At Le Geeks [ ] we believe in delivering high quality and valuable information to the world.

I think your product is perfect match for my blog’s audience (About 1,000 unique visitors per day) and they would love to read about it and show interest to buy it.

For this promotion I am going to provide you one exclusive article for your product which contains over 1,000 words and lots of pictures. And for this i am going to charge $100 from you because my article will give an extra boost to your Product. If you think $100 is too much, you can mail us your price for the review, we can negotiate it later !

After writing this article we would promote it on social media profiles at free of cost to give you more exposure and traffic.We own FB Pages with over 10K Likes and many others too.

Our Blog’s Status-

Alexa Ranking-

Daily traffic-.

Organic Traffic/Search traffic

Page views-

You can check out our current review here-

I can assure you that at least 30% of my visitors would care to try out your service. i can guarantee you a lot of traffic and purchases from my site.

Thanks And Regards,

Hari Charan


Hope this helps…..But try to add in some personal touches and follow your style. Actually the trick is to praise the advertiser, you need to praise their product and later on request them for an opportunity to review it.Use lots of adjectives to impress the advertisers, and if you aren’t good at marketing, try hiring a professional marketer for your  firm.

Most of the companies reply within 48 hours and You’ll end up making money with these kind of replies-


Actually, i had asked for $200 which came down to $60 , But i wasn’t disappointed as I was able to make $60 by writing a 450 Words review.


And sometimes, There might be negative replies-


It happens…you just have to move on…. Find new companies and contact them.

Well, when you get a positive reply, they’re your clients and you shouldn’t let them go, they’re like diamonds to you! Clients= MONEY!

Never let Your Clients Go-


As I said, Clients= Money. So you shouldn’t let them go.

First, impress them with your work by writing a beautiful review and then start pitching them with new offers such as placing banners in sidebar, Social media marketing and so on….. Just keep them with you and make them feel that they’ve found someone trust-able on the internet!

Now, when you gain their trust, start doing some outsourcing.

The Next level Of Making Money: Outsourcing-


Now you’ve gained an advertisers trust (i.e you’ve Maintained a long term relationship) , so now you can start pitching them other sites ( Sites of your friends and allies in Blogging) and you can start grabbing some omission 😉  ! .

For example, if they paid you $100 for your site, try pitching them with a much better site and ask for $150 ( $50 for you, $100 for the site owner) !

This results in betterment of the relationship between you and the advertiser, you even help a blogger and at the same time, you make some money!

Some Other Ways To Increase Your Payout-


Usually, only a review can’t get you lot of money…….  So, try offering some exclusive things to your advertisers to increase the payout . Here are some things which can be done-

  1. Offer them A Video Review Of Their Product. ($20+)
  2. Get Paid By making the Review Sticky on your sidebar. ($10)
  3. Charge more for adding high ratings. ($5 )
  4. Say them that you can rank it at the top. ($30+)

Well, you can try your own ways to increase the payouts, but try not to ask for more money.

Recommended To Read-

Kulwant Nagi’s methods To Make Money With Paid Posts

5 Secret Ways To Find Advertisers For Your Blog By Abid Omar 

Write An Email To Approach Advertisers, Like A Boss

Sites that Pay you for Writing Articles on your Blog (Sponsored Posts) By Imran Uddin

Final Verdict-

This ends up our 1,300 Words guide on how to make money with sponsored reviews or the paid posts. Please implements these things and share your results and income proofs in the comments, we would love to discuss about it with you. Feel free to share this post with your friends, and do subscribe if you found it helpful.

Hari Charan
Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

Hari Charan

Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

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