How To Enable Hibernate Mode In Windows 8 / 8.1


You know what ? I had a tough time figuring out how to shut down my PC which runs “Windows 8 “. to be frank, its fairly complicated and the new interface is really tough to operate ( at least for me) . But now, its going good. You’ll realize that Win 8 would be the best only if you know how to use it.

So, today I wanted share how I Hibernate my Windows 8 PC. Well, Here are some things you need to know about this wonderful feature.

What’s Hibernation?


Actually, Hibernation refers to a resting state or the torpid using which some animals pass the winters. Its slows down the heart beat, Blood flow and everything, but still the process keeps running.

Well, What does it mean in the computer language? Okay, here’s what it does- Hibernation enables you to turn off your computer without saving any of your work and when you start it, your work appears back. In other words, it enables you to turn off your system without ending the processes or programs.


How To Hibernate Windows 8 ?

Follow this tutorial and you’ll end up having an extra option in the power menu! Lets get started!

Step #1. Press “Win +W” on your keyboard, you’ll be taken to the search page on Windows. Now search for “power” and go to the settings tab.


Step #2. Click on Power options and you’ll take to the control panel. Now select “Choose what the Power buttons do” .



Step #3. Click “Change settings that are currently unavailable” and scroll down to Shutdown settings and check “Hibernate” .



Step #4. Click Save Changed and navigate to power menu! 😉 You’ll see this-



Now, try opening some games, hit the “win” button and hibernate your PC, now start it again. You’ll be able to continue your game!


Hibernation is a wonderful feature available on Windows.It lets your quit your PC without even saving your work. please try this out and let me know your opinions ( use the comments 🙂 ) Hope you liked it!

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