The Latest List Of Top 10 Professional Bloggers in India 2014 [Infographic]

Bloggers are the people who form, run, update and make internet a better place for you all! Without them,internet is nothing. Blogging is the job which pays a lot while it facilitates you with a satisfaction of serving.

As you all know, Blogging hasn’t been a common profession in India, but there are some people who chose Blogging as their career, they left their jobs and started creating their own money making machine (Their Blogs). Blogging is an uncertain industry, there are lot of changes. You never know when your blog’s traffic is going to drop. So, you must be courageous and determined to choose this as your full time profession. First of all, I would like to salute all the professional Bloggers who chose Blogging as their only career.

As Β I said, Pro Bloggers are hard to find in India, but there are some bloggers who were awesome enough to choose Blogging as their full time profession! We have made an infoGraphic to pay tribute to all of the hard working Pro Bloggers of India!

You all know, Till now many people have made Top 10 lists of Bloggers. One made it and everybody copied the same information for the past 4 years ,Today we are here with the latest information of Top 10 Bloggers in INDIA!

Facts About This Infographic-

This isn’t just a normal Infographic, its something much more, do you know why ?

  1. This is the latest list of Pro Bloggers in India.
  2. We took two weeks to research on it.
  3. Best of all- We have included all the important details of their blogs ,such as- Page Rank, Alexa Rank,etc.

Infographic: Top 10 Bloggers Of India-


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Top 10 Professional Bloggers Of India included in the Infographic-

  1. Amit Agarwal
  2. Harsh Agarwal
  3. Imran Uddin
  4. Varun Krishnan
  5. Ashish Sinha
  6. Shradha Sharama
  7. Amit Bhawani
  8. Srinivas Tamada
  9. Arun Prabhudesai
  10. Kulwant Nagi

Note- The income which we have included in the Infographic is an approximate estimation of their incomes.

Hope you liked our infographic, its the latest infographic on this topic with latest information. We did a lot of research before we started designing it. Please share it as a token of respect to all these professional bloggersΒ and let us know what you think about this through the comments.

Hari Charan
Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

Hari Charan

Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

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69 Responses

  1. Varun says:

    Well this Infographic is so awesome and accurate too!

  2. Nirmala says:

    Hi Hari Charan,

    This is my first visit to your blog and I feel happy with it.

    Hats off to your effort in researching the pro bloggers of India and you’ve presented your work with a nice inforgraph.

    Nice to see that Kulwant Nagi and Imran Uddin are in the your list. I feel good that Kulwant had presented a helpful guest post for my blog yesterday and am getting good response for it. Glad that I’ve been connected to a pro blogger πŸ™‚

    Keep your good work and keep blogging πŸ™‚

    • Hari Charan says:

      Hello Mam,
      Im really happy to have your comment in my blog.
      I would like to thank you for your kind words.
      Please stay tuned for more πŸ˜€
      Ad yes, its really great to be connected with Pro Bloggers.
      Thanks Again Mam πŸ˜€

  3. Ravi Patel says:

    Awesome work done by you.
    Simpy awesome.

  4. Nikhil says:

    Hi Hari,
    Great infographic almost covered all professional bloggers from India. Great list. Thank you for sharing this infographic.. πŸ™‚

    • Hari Charan says:

      Hello Nikhil,
      We are glad that you liked the infographic πŸ™‚ . Thanks for the comment
      By the way, i just took a look at your blog, you have really made an wonderful blog. Keep up the good work bro! πŸ˜€

  5. Mahendher says:

    Nice collection bro, great to see imran bro in 3rd position πŸ™‚

  6. Abhirath Mahipal says:

    Awesome work Hari. My first visit here.

    Are you still in 10th? If yes, you’ve done an awesome work πŸ™‚

  7. Mukesh Mali says:

    Nice collection…………..

  8. Charles says:

    Just because they are known to you doesn’t mean they are top. I must say instead of filling content on your blog, do a ground research of the real top bloggers. Don’t just go with bloggers who brags about their income. I bet they are not making 50% of what you have mentioned
    Peace πŸ™‚

  9. Great Work.
    Please post a article for top 50 bloggers list.
    Article is well written as well as the poster is ossam.
    Thanks and Regards

  10. Amrik Virdi says:

    I doubt, Harsh Agarwal doesn’t earn that much money which he has claimed. He is popular for showing his fake earning reports on his blog.

    Overall, the list is quite inspiring πŸ˜‰

  11. Rahul Gupta says:

    You missed the guy Sujoy Dhar the most popular guy who is making 16000$ per month from the website , more over the earning have reached to quite more these days,Just to suggest you check that guy who have no outfocus like other bloggers so just meet him once I hope you will love to have some conversation !

    Delete this comment if it is not suit you.

    • Hari Charan says:

      Hello Rahul,
      Thank for the suggestion, But this list is for the Bloggers who have adapted blogging as their full time carrier and Sujoy is a student of B.COM πŸ˜€
      We came across his blog in our research but we couldn’t include him as he isn’t a full time blogger πŸ™‚

      • Achim Karl says:

        Ya you are right he is not a full time blogger he is studying at B.COM and earning huge than Harsh Agarwal πŸ˜€ but Bro B.COM student do not do listed in blogging ?

  12. AAmir Awan says:

    Really an great list of top 10 Indian professional bloggers and these all are done a great job in their profession. We read your whole post and enjoyed a lot, keep sharing such an amazing ideas.

  13. Hi Hari,

    Its a really good list. All are doing great job in blogging.

    But…. May I ask a question….. How did you estimated their earnings? Did You mailed them and they disclosed? ….. I suspect.

    Or you’re just using some online ‘earning estimating’ tools …. or something else.

    Can you please give some clue about your “research” regarding income …. as you replied to Amrik Virdi.

    • Hari Charan says:

      Hello Sir,
      I didn’t use any tool to estimate their earnings.
      I went through their blog and found some income reports and i also studied their Interviews to estimate their earnings πŸ™‚

  14. Anmol Makkar says:

    Nice Work Hari Charan πŸ™‚

  15. Adnan Shahid says:

    I am familiar with Kalwant and he is a nice guy and happy to see him in the list of top 10 Indian Bloggers and I’ll pray for him that he get more success in his career. All other folks are good and congratulations to all of them on this achievement.

  16. Amit Kumar says:

    Hii Hari,

    You really did a great job Bro. this infographic is just awesome. I am feeling happy to see these new faces in the List Of Top 10 Professional Bloggers in India 2014. Thanks for sharing this great infographic.

  17. haren says:

    bro!! Tell about their daily traffic also please..

  18. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Great list. Some of them are big inspiration for me. I am a blogger just because of them. Thanks for the share.

  19. Mohul says:

    How did you comeup withe the earning amount? What credible resources have you used and applied? Have these bloggers told you these amounts? Dude, having a wordpress site and a blogger tag doesnt mean that you can write fiction stories on them. Credibility and facts matter..

  20. Very Nice Infographic Brother πŸ™‚ Good Work πŸ™‚ Keep it up πŸ™‚

  21. saraswathi says:

    Thats a great list with useful insights, thank you very much.

  22. Abhay says:

    Realy a great Infographic. Amit sir always no. 1 in Indian bloggers.

  23. Nikky says:

    Nice infographic. I’ve been following Amit and Harsh from long time. Certainly helpful bloggers who posts good stuff all the time πŸ™‚

  24. Hello hari charan! This is first visit to your blog. I loved the way you presented the info of all bloggers. Blogging is considered as a very odd profession in india and this guys are working hard earning some handsome revenue. One day you’ll be in the top list. Thank you for sharing the info!

  25. Now that’s what I called the research.

    Great Infographics and accurate too. One day I’ll be there in your Infographic for sure.

  26. Nizam Khan says:

    Awesome and well listed infographic. Well, it’s nice to see some new faces among the top 10 in the list. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  27. Tanmoy Das says:

    Yea, this is really impressive for any Indian Bloggers. I follow labnol and shoutmeloud. Now its time to check others.

  28. Amarnath says:

    Really My motivation towards blogging is Imran and his way of coaching approach

  29. Jayashree says:

    Hello Hari Charan – This is a great infographic. The bloggers you have listed are really inspiring bloggers who are the first generation Bloggers in India and have showed the others that Blogging can be really considered as full time career option. Thanks for compiling this information into a beautiful infographic.

  30. Mrityunjay says:


    The above infographic is just too good to understand about pro bloggers in india. I found it really cool. Thanks for srepresenting your info graphically.

  31. girish says:

    Thanks for the above information you can visit

  32. Sampath says:


    Thats a nice list. But you missed out many other bloggers who earn more than few bloggers mentioned here.

    Anyway thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  33. Unaiza NaaZ says:

    Nice Articels Hari Bro Good Job Nice Top 10 Blogger earning Website πŸ™‚

  34. sharad says:

    Dear Nice work. Many people inspire with these people.

  35. Lalit Sharma says:

    First time I have visited to your blog and found it very interesting and helpful. Thanks, just keep it us.
    Lalit Sharma recently posted…Enable 2 Step Verification for Dropbox AccountMy Profile

  36. Interesting! I was searching in Google about Best Bloggers. And i found your blog and read the article with the name of top 10 ten bloggers.
    But now you should update the list of top bloggers. Some of New Bloggers have come in the Blogging Journey with Good Earning in 2014, so try to get new list of bloggers.
    And i appreciate your writing skill. And i hope The Legeeks will become a top blog of India. πŸ™‚

  37. Great work Hari. Keep it up πŸ™‚

    • haricharan says:

      well presented haricharan, i always love to see to the top indian bloggers and i knew very few them about they blogs. amit agarwal is well @ blogging keep it up dude and all the best.. hay! by the way my name is also haricharan…

      all the best and i hope you will be in the list very soon… keep blogging , keep always great unique content in your style

  38. Jeevan says:

    really know all about our bloggers…great idea .
    great it.

  39. sazia kazia says:

    great info shared about TOP ten bloggers.nice infographic.

  40. This is my first time at your blog but really i inspired with your accurate data, will love to come again and again with your new contents. Great job.

  41. Debarpan says:

    That’s a wonderful list indeed.

  42. Hemendra says:

    Hi Hari, this is really great. But want to know that how you calculate their incomes i.e. some blogs have higher alexa ranks and they don’t have that much income πŸ™‚

  43. Bambang says:

    thanks for the great list, i like

  44. mitesh bairwa says:

    i am new in blogging. this post is very inspiring for me.

  45. they are really inspiring personalities

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