John Green’s Advice For Writers: Make Gifts For People

Becoming a successful writer is a tough task and you need to work hard to get noticed as a writer or a blogger. You won’t succeed if you do it for money, fame or for anything that brands you as a selfish guy. Instead, do it for people, make gifts for them, Says John Green.

I’m actually a fan of 9Gag and I came across this amazing infographic which caught my attention. It had an advice which actually works and probably would be the best inspiration to write !  And for those who don’t know, John Green is a Famous American Author of Young Adult Fiction, YouTube Video Blogger and creator of Online educational Videos.

This infographic says that you need to make gifts for people you love ( Write for them) and if they don’t take it or appreciate, you can always gift yourself!


Source- 9Gag

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Thats the best advice I’ve ever been given….Hope You liked it 🙂 I shared it because I found it inspiring and worked well with me 🙂  Do share your opinions through the comments!

Hari Charan

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