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By Kepard Team

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On May 13, 2014
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With Kepard Premium VPN service you can transfer unlimited amount of encrypted data. At One price you’ll have full access to All our servers, protocols and other features.

Hi guys, its been a while since I wrote my last review. Anyway I have a new review here. I hope many of your guys are facing problem accessing some websites. I know, I myself have encountered that problem. Websites like 4loot and Gifthulk offer their service only for U.S members. I know you guys want to resolve this issue, So we present you “KEPARD” the best *FREE* VPN Service. Wondering what is the meaning of VPN ? Don’t worry we’ll assist you there.

What is VPN ?

First of all, VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. There are 3 types of VPN . The one which Kepard is linked to is “Consumer VPN”. Consumer VPN is also know as VPN Tunnel,  (Tunneling means, sending data from your PC but using another network connection.) We use VPN to protect our identity  and also to access sites that are made only for US citizens. We’d love to explain more but we don’t want you to get confused by the extra details. We’ve explained VPN service in a simplified manner.

Why people love KEPARD ?

Yes, I agree many people love Kepard. In my opinion, people love Kepard because of their mechanism which allows us to access any site belonging to any country. Also Because, kepard has many servers like USA, UK, Netherlands etc. Another thing is because its totally simple. Unlike other VPN software’s like HideMyAss and Hotspot Shield, Kepard is totally free of cost. Kepard doesn’t show ads. I agree HideMyAss is also equivalent to Kepard but, HideMyAss needs hard cash to get premium features whereas Kepards needs you to get more users for them. So I prefer Kepard over HideMyAss. win-3-months-premium-vpn

 Basic features of KEPARD-

  • You can connect/disconnect your VPN with a single click.
  • You can change your VPN servers and protocol immediately.
  • You can access Kepard’s control panel very easily.
  • Kepard automatically detects a lost connect(You’ll get a pop-up) and tries to reconnect automatically.
  • Whenever you open Kepard, it automatically updates new server location.


MAIN features of Kepard-

  • Online Security

One of the most important thing is “SECURITY” . We need security everywhere. Let it be in reality or internet. “SECURITY IS A MUST”.  Kepard’s online security is very good.  By using Kepard’s VPN service  is totally SECURE when you are using the Internet and Kepard also protects/Prevents from data hack.

  • Internet Privacy-

Don’t wanna get caught do something fishy ? Well you’re at the right place.  Kepard VPN service keeps your identity UNKNOWN  all over the internet by assigning you a different IP address. In simple words, If you from India, Kepard can change your Indian IP address to U.S IP address. So this is guarantee anonymousness.

  •  Internet Freedom-

Wanna get access to restricted websites in School & Home ? Kepard is the best solution for this. And websites which I’ve already mentioned above, 4loot, GiftHulk, instaGC and etc, you can access them only if you have U.S IP address.  So you can you Kepard and change your IP address to U.S. Simple as that.

  • High-level encryption-

I think some of you guys don’t know what is Encryption, don’t worry we’ll assist you there.  Encryption is the change of plain text to encrypted text(ciphertext). Those are the main features of Kepard. Apart from these, there are few more features of Kepard

  • More servers-

Kepard has more servers. Such as U.S.A, U.K , Germany, Canada and etc.

  • Supports OpenVPN(Public) , L2TP(Layer 2 tunneling protocol)  and PPT(Point-to-point tunneling protocol)
  • You can connect from two locations on the same time.
  • 27 Hours Customer Support for the whole year.
  • NAT Firewall – Network Address Translation
  • Up to 256 bit-encryption.
  • Unlike other VPN software’s Kepard support all platform.
  • Offshore service provider.
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlike other VPN software’s, Kepard doesn’t have speed & Traffic restriction.
  • Allows torrent and P2P on NL servers.
  • And finally its *FREE*

Kepard Mechanism-

The main thing which I love about Kepard is its Method of getting more days of premium membership.  If you see other VPN softwares, they offer 30-days trial or DEMO version. They need you to pay for their service. Well I don’t say Kepard is totally free. You can buy premium membership but my opinion is ” WHY PAY, WHEN YOU CAN EARN?” .  Kepard gives you a unique referral URL, if the users use your referral link you get more days of premium membership.

Sign-up Process-

Signing up is like a piece of cake. Its totally free & easy.

  1. Go to Kepard’s Official website – KEPARD
  2. Click Earn Premium Days
  3. Register
  4. Download & Install Kepard
  5. Login into your kepard account
  6. Start Using 🙂  !

Wondering how to get FREE premium days ?

  • Invite any of your friend through your unique referral link
  • Once your friend register and downloads kepard.
  • And when he starts using Kepards
  • You get 30 Days for one person.

One more thing, kepard is also available for Android  & iOS users.  Which allows you to use Kepard on your Android/iOS phone. 1 You can see how to install/configure Kepard for your PC/Mobile Here – Kepard Configuration/Settings 

Affiliate System-

Kepard also offers an affiliate system which will help you in making money. 1.)Unlike other websites Kepard offers 100% commission. 2.) 180-Day Cookie – You have 180 days until the customer comes back and then you’ll be paid. 3.)Full partner support – Kepard also offers you custom banner for your affiliate link . 4.) Dedication to quality – Know that you are promoting quality services with a qualitative support. untitled


Anyway Kepard has some pricing, but I say its your wish, you can buy or you can earn them for free.   1   2   3

Recommended to Check-


So, I think we have come to the end of the review.  Here’s my opinion about Kepard. Kepard is totally cool VPN software.  Kepard helped me a lot, really a lot in using some restricted websites, 4loot. And Kepard helped me to Sign-up from U.S IP address for sawgbucks. The very most thing which I love about Kepard is their mechanism of getting more Premium VPN via referral link. Contact email – You can also contact them by submitting a support ticket at the official Kepard website. They’ll reply you within 24 hours.

Kepard Giveaway -(Worth 19$ x 5)

We have a small surprise for you guys. We are giving away 5 exclusives Kepard account with 3 months premium VPN for FREE ! Best of luck everyone ! 🙂 😉

Winners Announced-

We used to pick the winners and the people with highest entries were picked. Its all about luck, Congrats Winners and others, please don’t worry, we have many more giveaways for you!

The Winners Are- Harshil Barot, Harry Malhotra Harsh Kubal , Charmin Patel and Emily Houser


Hari Charan
Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

Hari Charan

Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

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  7. Nice GiveAway…I hope I can win Their is Faith in me that I can Win this ..and its okay when I lose…I’m gonna accept that

    and Nice rewards :);:):)

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