Why Did Indonesia Apply new Internet Censorship Methods?


The moment Indonesia decided to block over 70,000 websites claiming that they were displaying harmful digital content, it was clear that something serious was going on. All sites labeled negative for showing or promoting any form of extremist ideology or nudity and pornography have been blocked as soon as the new Internet censorship law was instated. According to Reuters, they did it for the sole purpose of purging the web of harmful material. The majority of people in Indonesia are Muslim, and there are numerous Islamic parties there that are pushing their agendas by spreading hate speech and hoax stories. …

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Levi’s Project FLX: Laser worn denims (Sustainable and Fast)


Levi’s, a household name when it comes to denim, dates back to 1873 ,when Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss came up with this revolutionary fabric that’d change the fashion industry forever . Perfecting their craft for over a century, Levi’s has become the best at what it does, making denim jeans that look amazing and yet so comfortable. They are also known for coming up with new ways of manufacturing denim to cut down the usage of water and other resources. The Project FLX, a new method devised by Levi’s to distress denim makes use of lasers to make their …

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Top Trends in Wireless Technology and Communication 2017

Wireless technology is pervasive and is found all around us. From mobile phones to security terminals, all these devices use this type of technology to provide a seamless and intuitive experience to users. Businesses are increasingly reliant on wireless technology and the importance of adapting to the times is being felt now more than ever. Wireless technology is continuously evolving and improving every day. A clear technology trend is emerging, and in 4 years there are likely to be 4 times the number of wireless Internet-capable devices. Today, it is so easy to connect and communicate with other devices that …

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Pixel 2: Fix Now Playing Not Showing in Sound Settings

If there’s one thing about Google that doesn’t fail to amaze and astonish is its progress towards AI. If you’ve watched the Pixel 2 launch you’d know that Google is trying to working hard, continuing their shift ¬†from a mobile first to an AI first world ~Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) A world where smartphones are truly smart, and complicated problems can be solved using software rather than an extra piece of hardware( Yes, I’m talking about the dual camera thing, Google does the portrait with a single camera while all other phones need two cameras to accomplish the same, …

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