How To Download Android Apps From Google Play Store To PC


Downloading Android Apps(APK) or the Android Games from the Google Playstore to your mobile is time consuming as your mobile’s intern wouldn’t be as fast the one in your PC and its much better than. But we all know that Google Play Store Doesn’t allow you to download apps to your PC, but we have a tutorial on how to download Android apps and games(APK) from Google Play Store directly to your PC/Computer without using any thrid party software like Bluestacks. Other Smartphone Apps- Top 15 Best Apps For Nokia Lumia Windows 8 To Fulfill Each Of Your Needs 10 …

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Top 10 Sites To Watch Latest Movies and TV Online for free


If you have higher internet speed but no space in hard disk to download movies, you can just watch them online for free. we have a collection of some good sites to watch movies online for free.There are some websites that offer you to watch Movies and TV Online for free¬†with great speed accompanied with 1080 Pixels Resolution ( High Definition / HD) . Most of the sites won’t publish it because of the Copyright and some legal issues but there are some awesome sites that actually publish movies which you can watch online for free! Other Top 10 Lists-¬† …

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Top 15 Best Apps For Nokia Lumia Windows 8 To Fulfill Each Of Your Needs


You might have a tough time finding the best apps for your Nokia Lumia 900/ 920/820/620/ 520 running Windows phone 8 (WP8), It takes time to search the Windows Phone store to find the apps you need.Windows Phone 8 OS, has been a hit with lots of sales around the world. It has been so profitable that, Nokia got rid of its old phone list in their site and keeps only the Lumia and the Asha Series! Windows Store surely has a lot of apps while most of them are similar to each other either by performing similar functions or …

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How to Disable the “Seen By” Feature In Facebook Chat?


I have seen many people complain that the Facebook has taken over their privacy by introducing the “Seen By xyz” and “Xyz is typing” in Facebook chat, Well this surely is annoying if you wan tot check your crush’s messages,but you don’t want him/her to know that you are checking their messages! Sadly, there isn’t an option in Facebook to disable the “seen by” feature. But don’t worry, some geeks have come up with an wonderful solution to disable the seen feature.Here’s how to do the same- Actually the trick lies in blocking the URL which acts as a tracker …

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