How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android

Youtube has great content for everyone. Everyone wants to watch the YouTube videos every where. With the increase the technology and the greater internet speed now we are able to watch the YouTube videos on our mobiles too with HD clarity.To watch YouTube videos the Google had launched the official YouTube app.This is great to watch the videos without any disturbances and the best app to sync all your favorite video lists with your YouTube account.

There official YouTube is a great app but the only disadvantage is that you can’t watch or play the videos while you are using other apps. i.e you can’t run the YouTube official video app in background like your music player.

To overcome this and enjoy the music and your favorite videos on YouTube while using other apps i.e playing youtube videos in backgorund there are some apps ready and waiting for you.

How to play YouTube videos in the background on Android

Step one

The first that you should do is to replace your Official YouTube Application with the following android app:
“NextVid  Youtube Player”. This application is really so cool with great user interface and design.
You can install this directly from your play store. Open the play store and search for “Nextvid Youtube player” and install the application. If you are unable to find then here is the link link from playstore.After completions of downloading of the application on your mobile, complete the installation of the app.

Step Two

The installation will be done automatically, You need not to do any extra step to install the application on yrou mobile.
Once the app is installed, you obviously need to open it, accept the terms and conditions of app and then search for your favorite YouTube video you want to watch/ listen on your mobile, select and play videos

Step three

When you want to play the video in the background which is playing in NextVid app, simply hit the Android Back or buttons Home. Now when you click on the button you will be presented with a option to minimize the video or completely exit the video.

Step Four

Now in this step just select the Minimize option to play the video in background. That’s is now  you can now play the youtube videos while using other apps.

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