Levi’s Project FLX: Laser worn denims (Sustainable and Fast)



Levi’s, a household name when it comes to denim, dates back to 1873 ,when Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss came up with this revolutionary fabric that’d change the fashion industry forever .

Perfecting their craft for over a century, Levi’s has become the best at what it does, making denim jeans that look amazing and yet so comfortable. They are also known for coming up with new ways of manufacturing denim to cut down the usage of water and other resources.

The Project FLX, a new method devised by Levi’s to distress denim makes use of lasers to make their jeans look more worn out.
They take a plain pair of denims and they put it through the process to get a pair of distressed denims that’ll please your eyes. What used to take 18-20 minutes,a lot of chemicals and hard labor is now reduced to 90 seconds or so and a few clicks on a screen.
Levi’s plans on changing its manufacturing process as the Project FLX is faster and uses lesser chemicals than it’s ancestor where the jeans had to be distressed manually.
Levi’s’s announcement regarding their decision to adapt the laser process on a full-scale has the media flipping out.

The possibilities are endless , designers can come up with new patterns and intricate artwork that’d make the already amazing denims look more interesting. This was kind of hard to do before because it is time consuming and it required a lot physical work, but this new process simplifies it all.

Here’s an image from Levi’s that summarizes the changes brought in by Project FLX:-

Levi's Laser Worn Jeans (Project FLX)
Levi’s Laser Worn Jeans (Project FLX)


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