How to save on Mobile Phones

If our phone is a good one or not or whether it is good for calling or sometimes we are paying over money for data and the texts we use. Now a day we can see that different mobile phone companies are emerging and selecting the best one will be difficult task to do. We need to check for discounts and find the cheapest tariff in different mobile phone operators.


Know the proper usage

First, we need to know how much we use our phone and what type of services we use with it. Then only we will be able to find the best plan for our needs. The best way for finding your usage is to check your last 6 months bills and check the average you use it every month. If you ask the provider, they will provide to check it online. We need to check the texts and minutes we use and also need to check how much we use the web.

Finding  best  tariff

You Can Easily Find Best Deals On Mobile Phones Using Flipkart Mobile Phones If we have found the usage, then finding the best tariff plan won’t be a problem. If we have got tariff plan, then pay higher fees to avoid extra call costs. If we are having good handset, then it is better to opt for Sim card only. This is to get good tariff without a handset. If we need a new handset, then think about the features you need it and also check with other handsets. Bill monitor is a software used to calculate average as we do it daily. It checks the online bills and it will calculate usage and will list best available one.

Finding  proper  Discount

Now  we  have  found  the  best  mobile  tariff,  which we  compared  to finding  the  best  one.  Next  we  need  to  get  a  better  discount  for  tariff  plan  which  we  have  chosen.  If  you  get  a  good  discount  with  other  tariff,  then  it  is  better  to  switch  off  to  that  tariff.  A mobile phone checker will  gives  best  tariff  and  will  also  lists  good  deals  for  selected  tariff.  Zoutons is  also  an  another  one  for  finding  best  discount  deals.  Some mobile phone operators give gifts which are free with discounts.  We need to understand its proper we choose it.  Redemption  cash back  vouchers  and  other  cash back  offers  need  to  be  checked  before  opting  for  it.

Using  free  Apps

Always  we  are  using  cellular  networks  for  calling  and  it  is  better  to  avoid  it  and  use  the  free  apps  like  Google  and  Skype.  These  apps  are  internet  based  and  it  won’t  based  on  cell  plan.  Some  apps  will  allow  to  send  free  messages  and  in  some  cases  the  receiving  person  need  to  have  app  for  using  it.  Internet  options  are  always  good  that  we  won’t  exceed  limit  of  calling  or  sending  texts.

Look  for  App  Fees

Sometimes  we  have  come  over  games  which  we  have  seen  with  free  ads  like  subscriptions  and  sometimes  we  have  clicked  on  it  without  realizing  what  we  have  done  with  it.  These apps come with a limited period of time.  We  need  to  pay  money  for  upgrading  and  avoiding  these  charges  will  help  you  to  save  on  mobile  phones.

Logging  into  WI-FI

We  often  stream  videos and  download  videos  on  the  cell  network  and sometimes we  use big  amount  of  data.  If  we  are having  a  data  plan  with unlimited  usage,  then  it is  better  to  charge  for  every  time  we  use  it  before  it  expires.  It  is  better  to  keep  alert  when  we  exceed  data  limit.  It  is  good  to  use  WI-FI all  the  time  when  we  surf  the  web  at home  or  private  place.  It  does  not  use  the  data  so  it  is  safe  for  using  it.  It is good to avoid Public or free WI-Fi.

Roaming-  Turn  Off

If  we  are  not  taking  calls  when  we  are  not  in  the  country,  we  think  that  we  do  not  get charged.  Usually  Smartphone  will  connect  with  networks  for  getting  weather  and  also  for  checking  the  emails  in a   foreign  country.  Always  it  is  good  to  turn  off  the  roaming  before  we  start  the  trip.  The  wireless  internet  will  be  available  in  most  of  countries  and  it is  always  to  surf  without  any  problems.

Hari Charan
Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

Hari Charan

Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

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