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Blogging has become a competitive field, Every youngster now wants to create a blog and make money with less efforts while he sits staring at his site on his couch with his laptop. But you all its impossible.Wait a minute, who said its impossible?  Now with Our Services you can make its possible, we provide various services for your blog which will help you to modify and make your blog better.We provide services like- SEO Analysis, Logo Designing, Speed Improvement, Marketing,SEO For your blog,Consultancy and much more.

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PS- This Special Services page is Called Le Geeks Endeavor.

Logo Designing-

Every brand or a website needs an identity to start, a logo expresses it in the best possible way.We will design a professional logo for your site. We have 3-4 packages in this,The later ones include a Cover pic, Twitter Cover, G+ cover,FB Profile Pic and much more so that it covers everything which needs your site name or logo!

SEO Analysis For Your Blog-

We will analyze the whole site and we will tell you the mistakes which you have done. You might know some websites which use software  and just tell you the title lengths, your page rank, Alexa ranking and much more. But we do this manually so it turns out to be accurate so that you can optimize your blog accordingly, we will notify about the errors and SEO mistakes in your blog so that you can fix them to rank well.

Complete WordPress Setup With SEO-

We will add all the required plugins, we will help you modify your theme and also a bit of SEO. This package includes submission to various directories to build links and also we will link your blog with Bing/Google Webmaster tools, Google analytics and many other places so that your posts get indexed and rank well at the search engines.

Speeding Up Your Blog-

Le Geeks-Speed-Test_Speed-Up-Your-Site

We will analyze the factors which are slowing down your blog and we will modify them accordingly so that you get the maximum speed your theme supports. We will also advice your about the theme so that you can change accordingly.

Digital Marketing-

We will market for your blog and will find you customer or visitors so that it increases your traffic, We are working on this with Digitaur with lots of experts so you will get fruitful results and its completely worthy!

SEO and Content Creation Techniques Coaching-

We will teach you some techniques that’ll help you work on your blog with ease. The techniques include- Content Creations, Keywords,link Building, marketing, SEO analysis, Undetectable Black hat SEO and much more.With this, we will always be at your service to provide you the best tips and tricks which you ask for!

SEO Consultancy-

Got a problem with your blog? We will solve it for you, You can pay us only if the problem is critical or if  the answer for your question is really expensive! At times we also provide free consultancy if your site impresses us 🙂 Try your luck,use the contact form at the end of the page.

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