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We would do anything to deliver great content to our readers. We recognize the fact that anybody can be a content creator. You could be a graphic designer, a hacker, a coder, a blogger, or a reader of Le Geeks, we would love to be the platform through which you could voice your ideas and opinions, teach people, or just share your experiences. Please read the guest post guidelines before you mail us your content.

We do no accept posts from :

Freelancers trying to build links.

Marketers trying to sell their product (That’s paid production, so pay up. BTW, every review from now on will be completely unbiased and will also reflect on the cons of the product. Even though the advertisers pay us, we will write everything about their product, even if it is negative )

Why should you guest post on Le Geeks?

Le Geeks is a growing technology blog with an average of 50,000 visitors per month.

With a guest post, We promote your authorship and increase your online presence. We allow you to have a backlink to any of your work or your blog in the author bio.

Writing a good article is the key to convert more of our readers to your readers. ( If someone likes your article, there is a high chance that they’re going to go to your blog or view your work through the author bio.)

What can I write about?

You can write about anything related to technology. Here are some ideas that’ll help you decide: –

You could write about…

  • How to build something on a computer or using micro controllers (Arduino ,Raspberry Pi)
  • New Tech such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies. (Coding a simple blockchain, or building an assistant).
  • You could teach our users, eg: Building a neural network , ML , AI,etc.
  • You could write about blogging and SEO.
  • Your opinion or views about something. eg: Why I think bitcoin is a good investment, or  Why I love anarchy.
  • You could write about hacker culture, case studies or your experience in a particular field. You could also explain to us how you accomplished something with coding/hacking/science,etc.

Share your views and opinions, share your ideas and work. Teach us something you accomplished with tech and help our readers accomplish the same.

Guidelines for guest posting :

We will accept your submission if and only if your article meets the below given guidelines.

1.Article Quality : The article should be over 800 words. The article should add value to the blog. A secret tip to make great content is to make sure the content solves a problem for the readers or teaches them something interesting. Write detailed posts and research well before you write.

2.Originality : We hate plagiarism. We use CopyScape, So stay away if you plan to submit copied content. And once you’ve put up the content on our blog, you are not allowed to post it anywhere else. If you are willing to use a part of the content mentioned in the article, you must link back to the article in Le Geeks.

3.Readability : Proofread your content multiple times to avoid spelling errors, check the facts you’ve mentioned and present it neatly. Keep the paragraphs short and highlight the important points. Ask yourself if the content would please you if you were the reader.

4.Credit : We know how hard it is to make content, we respect the creators. Make sure you give credit to the people whose resources you’ve used in the article. Images, videos, ideas derived from somebody Else’s work, etc. Give them the credit they deserve, link back to their original work. Let them Shine!

5.Discussions : Reply to any comments on your post, answer readers queries and interact with them, this will help you build a brand on your name. This will keep the readers waiting for more posts from you.

Submit Your Guest Post :

First pitch us the topic you are willing to write about, you will receive a reply with 24 hours. Follow the below given format and mail us at

Subject : Guest post pitch – [Topic]

Body: include the pitch here along with a link to your previous work and the blogs you own or work for. Include the backlinks you want too.

A pitch must include the Title of the content and the content outline.

Mail us if you comply with all the guidelines mentioned above.