MoboRobo – An Excellent Desktop Manager For iDevices and Android


Recently, I bought a new Android phone and  I had a tough time installing apps, syncing files from my old phone and also I faced difficulty in uninstalling some of the useless apps on my phone. I thought switching to a simpler phone with a less features so that It wouldn’t be a headache to do all these, But a friend told me about an amazing tool- MoboRobo. Now, I’m really happy with my Android Device and I’m able to do everything i wanted to do! Thanks To MoboRobo. MoboRobo, is one of the best Smartphone PC manager I’ve seen. …

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10 Mobile Apps to Manage Your Social Media Campaign

10 Mobile Apps to manage your social media Campaign

Managing your social media campaign from a mobile device is not such a bad idea. Sure, it is not an ideal place to start writing your posts, but management and maintenance is easy via a mobile device if you use one of the apps listed below. They have made it easier than ever to log in to numerous accounts and manage your campaigns on the go.

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