Cutting Edge Guide To Make Money With Sponsored Reviews


Hey Everyone, I had been posting some reviews since a long time. Of course they were helpful to you and most of them are even free to use. But did you know that, i got paid to write those posts? yeah! I got paid to review their products on my blog. These kind of posts are called Paid Posts or Sponsored Reviews. As we don’t encourage ads, we use paid posts as our main source of incomeĀ and that has actually helped us to to make much money than my other blogs with Adsense ads. Believe it or not, last month, …

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Write An Email to Approach Advertisers, Like A Boss


E-Mail is one of the best ways to contact advertisers, who pay you for advertising on your blog or for writing a review about them. If your blog has good rankings in Alexa, Google and a high DA, then the Advertisers will contact you on their own. But most of the times, your blog might not get noticed, so the only way to make money is by contacting advertisers and requesting them to advertise on your blog. Email marketing is the easiest to do and it gives you the best results. It doesn’t even require any Marketing Science Skills :p …

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4 SEO Codes To Optimize Your Blogger Blog


Blogger is one of the most used blogging platforms, but surely has many drawbacks and its sometimes considered to be the worst in concern of On-Page SEO. Well, when people say that Blogger is weak in SEO, how did those professional blogs hosted on Blogger get to the top? (I’m talking about blogs like blogtipsntricks, AllTechBuzz,etc.) Its because they know to optimize blogger and also because they use variety of techniques which is not known to you all. You can’t transform your blog totally into a SEO Masterpiece but still here are few codes which will help you in optimizing …

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5 Steps To Make Your Blog Awesome

Make Your Blog Awesome

First of all,the fact is that blogging is awesome and even the bloggers are cooler than other normal people(That’s what i think,Because i Know you are blogger and you are cool!). But blogging is sometimes really tough,but don’t worry your blog can surely make it through. But it needs something,which is in you, you will have to just unleash your blogs awesomeness to make it better. Read this post and i bet, Your blog will become much more awesome!Here are those 5 steps

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