Write Two Titles-User Friendly & Keywords Rich Titles for SEO


Many people assume that they need have keywords rich titles with long tail keywords, and that is actually a right technique to get traffic from the search engines.But, what if your blog is just a site which displays gigs, comics, facts, pictures of some event or if its just a personal site sharing your interests? getting traffic would be a tough task, well it isn’t! Most of the platforms allow you to have two titles for a single post, that is one for the viewers whereas the other for the search engines, Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress is meant for …

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4 SEO Codes To Optimize Your Blogger Blog


Blogger is one of the most used blogging platforms, but surely has many drawbacks and its sometimes considered to be the worst in concern of On-Page SEO. Well, when people say that Blogger is weak in SEO, how did those professional blogs hosted on Blogger get to the top? (I’m talking about blogs like blogtipsntricks, AllTechBuzz,etc.) Its because they know to optimize blogger and also because they use variety of techniques which is not known to you all. You can’t transform your blog totally into a SEO Masterpiece but still here are few codes which will help you in optimizing …

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