SERP Case Study- How I Ranked My Review At The Top Of Google?


Recently i had written a review of a working CPA program- YouTube CPA and if you’re on my friend list in Facebook,you’d know that Le Geeks ranks at the first position on Google for the keyword- YouTube CPA. Many of my friends pinged me requesting the strategy behind ranking a post without even building a single backlink!¬†Sounds insane, but its practical and it actually works. Here’s a case study about ranking a post on Google. Lets get started with the SERP Case Study #1. Keyword Research- That’s the first thing i did, not only for this post but for every …

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The Definitive Guide To SEO Through Internal Links


It has been a long time since I wrote a post on SEO, In this post we’ll be taking a look at Internal links. So what are internal links?¬†Internal links are the links which point to various pages in the same domain. They are considered important because of the following advantages- They spread the link juice to various pages of the site. Improves the navigation structures and helps visitors find Related posts Decreases the bounce rate and exit rate. Contents Of This Post- Why are Internal Links Important in terms of SEO? SEO Case Study – Internal links VS External …

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