Newton-The Futuristic Email App


We all know that “emailing” plays an important role in almost every online business, no matter how small it is. Email is a channel between you and your clients, your advertisers and your investors and it’s really necessary that we make sure our emails are written properly, our inbox is well-organized and most importantly that we don’t miss out any mails. Most of you are going to tell me that you all are doing good with the conventional mailing apps, but is that really true? I don’t think so. Tell me something, every time you pitch your blog or your online …

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What is iCloud Backup and Why people Use it?


  You’d have probably heard the words “cloud backup” or “Cloud computing” . if not, here’s the definition- Cloud is the data stored on a computer server ( the Internet!) which can be accessed by only the ones who own it. This enables the users to access or download the uploaded data anywhere through any device. You can store anything- Photos, Videos, Contacts, Documents and everything! Recommended- Restore iPhone From iCloud Backup Well, Now you’re familiar with the term- “Cloud” computing….Now, here’s another question- What is iCloud? iCloud is a cloud storage service by Apple. This service is available to the …

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