Finding Long Tail Kewyords using Ubersuggest


We had talked about finding low competitive keywords using Google search. Here’s a new way of finding keywords, using a free tool called Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is one of the best keyword research tools. Its actually a tool which scrapes Google Suggestions and generates a list of long tail keywords with your main keyword in it. Whenever you type something in the search bar, you get a list of suggestions related to the term you’ve put. Ubersuggest scrapes all these suggestions along with some extra effects.   But when you put in some other alphabets, such as “SEO a” , you …

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6 Blackhat SEO Activities You Must Avoid in 2014


With Google continuing to increase its efforts on checking unscrupulous and harmful SEO activities to improve search engine rankings, numerous sites are being penalized or banned in totality. Therefore it is imperative that you avoid certain fraudulent Balckhat SEO activities at all costs in 2014: Doorway pages – are those pages that are attached to websites targeting specific keywords, without providing values for visitors. They are dependent on the notion that visitors will automatically continue browsing the site after landing on them. Quantity of links over quality. Link building is a very important aspect of SEO campaigns, but the need …

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SERP Case Study- How I Ranked My Review At The Top Of Google?


Recently i had written a review of a working CPA program- YouTube CPA and if you’re on my friend list in Facebook,you’d know that Le Geeks ranks at the first position on Google for the keyword- YouTube CPA. Many of my friends pinged me requesting the strategy behind ranking a post without even building a single backlink! Sounds insane, but its practical and it actually works. Here’s a case study about ranking a post on Google. Lets get started with the SERP Case Study #1. Keyword Research- That’s the first thing i did, not only for this post but for every …

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Guide – Find Low Competitive Long Tail Keywords Using Google Search


Using highly searched keywords are one of the easiest ways to rank your posts in Google, But the challenge lies in finding such keywords which help you to rank well. Most of the bloggers go for paid tools such as Long Tail Pro, FreashKey and so on… Some of them use Google’s Keyword Planner to find some keywords with low competition and high number of searches.  But today, we’ve an easy tutorial that helps you to find highly effective keywords using a simple tool- Google Search. I’m not kidding, you can really find amazing keywords using Google Search! Lets get started. …

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