Powerful Google Search Hacks That Every Student Should Know (Infographic)


The word that strikes you mind when you are assigned a project or an assignment is “Google” and that’s most powerful tool which will help you find almost everything in the world. Internet has everything and search engines like Google help you find them.You can find anything, Videos, Images, news, Docs, eBooks,etc. But sometimes you may not find what you are looking for. Here are few Google search hacks that lets you find the best results to help you complete your assignments and project in time! Actually these are the Advanced Google search parameters or the Google search operators that …

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How To Detect the Software or Platform Used In A Site


When you get into a wonderful site with a beautiful design and lots of features it natural that you start wondering about the Platform/Software on which its built, sometimes you get so curious that you would like to build a site like that or you would like to know about the CMS, Scripts and the things used in building it.Most of them try to ask others or try to survey or contact the site admin(normally the top sites wouldn’t like to reveal about the systems they use) but now its much easy, there’s a plugin which finds it for you.

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