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On February 5, 2014
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UnoTelly Deliverers what it promises to give. It performs well,its smooth and displays every video with crystal clear quality.It doesn't take away your bandwidth like the VPN providers do,its a smart service that just alters the DNS giving you the best speed! Its much worthier than what you pay.

Well, I’m a fan of watching TV online.There are several official websites such as “abc” which allow you to watch the full episodes once they or TV or live stream it.When i tried it, i got this – “This content is not available for your country”. There are several other websites that stream movies and TV shows, but most of them are available only to UK or US. That’s disappointing, but there was a cool service that came to my rescue! Yeah, its UnoTelly.

UnoTelly helped me to bypass the Geo Targeted Content blocking used by several websites and allowed me to stream every single thing i wanted to watch! Specially the shows on the channel “abc”. I had been using various software based on VPN before I came across this service and all of them were filled with advertisements and were lagging a lot. But now, UnoTelly has finally made it possible (Thanks UnoTelly), i’m able to watch my favorite shows with full speed without any annoying advertisements.

How Does UnoTelly Work?


Well, most of you might bypass the Geo targeted Blocking using VPN or proxy providers, but the disappointing thing is that they all work on their own speed and bandwidth which are actually slow.  What about UnoTelly? How is it faster than others?

Well, UnoTelly is faster, better and optimized than any other service because it works by altering the DNS through a smart DNS provider- UnoDNS. So, this doesn’t change the VPN or the proxy assuring you the same bandwidth and speed which you previously had.

Lets take a look on its features of it, read at your own risks (I’m saying it because,you’ll end up buying it!) 

Watch 70+ Geo-Blocked Channels-


You can stream the channels which aren’t available outside the United States if America (USA). it contains some of the hottest channels and movie hubs which you always wanted to watch- Hulu Plus, Netflix (All Regions using Dynamo),BBC iPlayer, HBO Nordic, Spotify, abc And Many More Channels That Can Be Found Here- UnoTelly Channel List.

Compatible with All Of Your Devices-


UnoTelly is compatible with almost all of your devices. High Defnition Apple TV or a low end Android smartphone, UnoTelly rocks everywhere. I ran tests with my computer and also with my android phone, the results were quite impressive as it didn’t lag anywhere! The best part is that it has a separate app for Android ( Download UnoTelly ) for better performance.

Well, Its compatible with your PC, Gaming devices such as Xbox and PlayStation, Apple TV,iPhone, iPad, Android Devices, LG Smart TV, Panasonic Smart TV, Google TV and every other device with ability to connect to the internet.

Packages and Pricing-


I’m not praising it, just trying to speak the truth. UnoTelly is much worthy than what its costs today! Just think, you are able to watch all the amazing channels for $5 per month, even your Dish Provider wouldn’t charge so low! For $5 you get extremely wonderful streaming quality, high speed without any buffering, no advertisements,70+ channels, Versatile compatibility and much more.

You can even try all the packages for free by using the trial pack which lasts for 8 days, you can Try UnoTelly For Free Here.  wait, Is that a short term? Don’t worry, you can get 6 months of free premium access to UnoTelly just by liking its page and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter, You can get the 6 months free access and Promo details here.

If you din’t like the service (It happens rarely), you can get your money back within 7 days and cancel the service anytime.

Summing Everything Up-

UnoTelly Deliverers what it promises to give. It performs well,its smooth and displays every video with crystal clear quality.It doesn’t take away your bandwidth like the VPN providers do,its a smart service that just alters the DNS giving you the best speed! There aren’t any popups or annoying advertisements and its much worthier than what you pay. Till now, i streamed it in three different devices- My Computer, Android Device and a Smart TV ,for my surprise it didn’t even lag a bit, even when the resolution was set to perform at 1080p! Its more like a magical service which allows you stream every channel at $5 which is cheaper than your TV Network Provider! Setting it up is really easy with the UnoTelly Helper or you can even follow the manual methods listed on the client dashboard.

If you are looking for a service that allows you to stream Online TV without any Geo targeted Blocking, UnoTelly is what you need.

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