WhatsApp UI Integrated with Facebook Concept [InfoGraphic]


WhatsApp, the hugely popular social messaging app was in news a couple of weeks ago,because social networking giant Facebook acquired it for whooping 19 billion USD. Prior to that,Facebook bought Instagram for 1 billion USD, looks like Facebook is coming up with a fine plan,which is strengthening its mobile user base by acquiring some of the most famous mobile appsused by millions of people across the globe.

Since, WhatsApp is now in Facebook’s hand, so we can expect frequent changes or complete redesign in the app soon, very much like the changes that we see on Facebook’s UI every then and now.As of now, we have no clue what Facebook’s going to do with WhatsApp, but in case they want to integrate it with Facebook, they must look at this amazing desing concept. This design concept for WhatsApp and Facebook integration is created by Hari Krishnan, UI/UX designer and creative director of infigolabs Bangalore, India. It took him a lot of time and energy to come up with something as stunning as this, check it out and share your opinions in comments section below the post.

Here’s how integration of WhatsApp and Facebook would look like,

WhatsApp + Facebook UI/UX Design Concept
Courtesy of: thetecnica

and infigolabs

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