What is WhatSim for WhatsApp ?

The most popular texting service in the world constitutes over 700 million monthly active users. Just after its recent announcement on its web launch which enable users to use whatapp on PC, Zeromobile launched WhatSim. The WhatSim allows its users to use WhatsApp for free while traveling across the 150 selected countries. This initiative has been taken as many people suffer from high roaming charges while traveling another state. Through the usage of WhatSim people won’t get bothered about the WhatsApp data limit.


The WhatSim can be purchased from official WhatSim website at the price of Euro 10 (around Rs. 714). Their is an extra shipping charge of Euro 5 (Rs. 350). The WhatSim allows its users to use WhatsApp text messages service free for 1 year. The user of this sim have to buy some credits inorder send any kind of media eg: photos, videos or music etc. You can check detail plan of exact credit price as per your country from here.

€5 is charged inorder to purchase 1000 credit, which allows to exchange 50 photos or 10 videos in most of the countries. You can share unlimited free text, contacts and positions. The WhatSim site is mobile ready and hence recharging your sim is fairly easy. The CEO of Zeromobile also said “Soon recharges can be done with an dedicated application”.

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The overall first moto of the company is to make WhatSim to be available in local stores in atleast 100 of those 150 countries. This is not the first initiative to offer unlimited WhatsApp sim, many had come before but none of them looked this much promising. All other initiatives regarding usage of WhatsApp through a dedicated sim are yet to reach more than 1 country. WhatApp also partnered with E-plus last year inorder to start selling prepaid WhatsApp sim.

Manuel Zanella Rngineer, Founder and CEO of Zeromobile, the company behind WhatSim, says, “WhatsApp is the future of mobile communications. Its only “limit” is the data connection especially when you are traveling because the roaming charges are expensive and you can’t always find Wi-Fi everywhere and it is not always free. As someone who appreciates and uses WhatsApp, I tried to figure out how to get around this problem. That’s why WhatSim is an extraordinary opportunity for WhatsApp.”

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