10 Killer Tips To Write Stunning Post Title


Post titles play an important role in SEO and it also creates an impression in the readers mind,this impression will further lead the reader to decide whether he should read the post or should he just keep scrolling,Seems complicated? No,not at all,its just the basic human psychology.As its always said “First impression is the best impression”,here title creates the first impression which leads the reader to come to a conclusion about the post and also about the blog.But have you ever though of your titles? You might have,but only to a certain extent.Today we bring you some of the killer tips to write amazing titles in your posts.Lets get started with the tips and procedure to write amazing titles.

1.Question The Readers-

This is one of the best trick ever used to write attractive titles,Whenever you question your readers,it will make them curious and they will surely get attracted to your post.You can use this technique in many ways,You can use these questioning words- “How to”, “Did you know?”, “Why Should You Buy…?”, “Why Not?..” and many others.You will have some great titles when you unleash your creativity!As i said,use these kind of questioning words and try to arise curiosity among the users and don’t forget the question marks!Examples-

  • Lifestyle Tips: – How to Recover from a Broken Heart ?
  • How To Cool Your Laptop?
  • Why Should You Use WordPress?  

2.Use Numbers/Create Lists-

Furnish you titles with numbers and this will surely attract a crowd,for example- “Tips To Write  Attractive Posts” can be written as “10 Killer Tips To Write Attractive Posts” The second one will attract many visitors as it uses the number.Readers would get attracted to these kind of posts for two reasons-

  1. Hoping for many suggestions,tips or ideas.These are the ones who try to get the best out of the most.
  2. Trying to fix things with less number of things.These are the ones who actually get the best from the least,The lazy but brilliant ones!


  • 15 Easy Ways To Improve Your Blog’s Traffic
  • 5 Epic Ways To Earn Money in The Real World
  • 6 Ways To Make Money Through The Internet
  • 5 Posts To Make When You Are Out Of Blogging Ideas
  • 5 Things Which a Pro Blog Must have
  • 5 Tips To Concentrate On Your Work Or Studies

You can even aim for larger lists,for example – “101 Things to do with your old computers”.

3.Reveal Your Secrets-

I think you didn’t get it,Its really simple,use the word “Secret” in your post titles.Everyone likes to know secrets,This will be a chance to attract visitors,i normally use it for long posts,for example- “10 Secrets used by pros to attract traffic revealed”.This will surely attract a crowd of curious readers! Examples-

  • 10 Secrets to write amazing blog posts
  • Pro Blogger’s Secrets revealed
  • The Secret “mantra” to blogging success revealed  

4.Use Adjectives-

Using adjectives will surely pull a crowd of readers,it would be much effective when used with Numbers.But take care that the adjectives are used at the right place and only for few posts,otherwise it would be an “Epic Fail”.Adjectives you can use- Epic, Amazing, effective, Exceptional, Impressive, Professional, etc. Examples-

  • Epic Ways To Earn Money in The Real World
  • Best Android Games Of This Month – September
  • GTA V : An Awesome Creation Of Rockstar Games  

5.Use Words like “Only For”-

Try to use words like “Only For”,”Read Only if You Are” or something like that,this will surely compel the reader to read your post.I normally use it like- “Only For Pro Bloggers”, “Stay Out if you are not a geek” and much more.You can also use them as “Only for beginners” or also like “Only for nerds”.This will surely attract lots of readers to your post! Examples-

  • The Difference Between H1 and H2 tags,only for Beginners
  • Advanced Guide To Google Algorithms,Only For pros
  • Read Only If you want To Know The Secrets of SEO  

6.Show Off Your Experience-

You read it right,write titles which will show off your experience,For example- “Things I Have learnt About SEO”,but be sure that you are really experienced! otherwise it would be an “Epic Fail”! So keep mind,these are effective only when used at the right posts. Examples-

  • 3 Things I Have Learnt About SEO
  • 10 Things Which I have learned through my successful blogging career

7.Use Quotes Or Sayings and Modify Accordingly-

Using creative quotes and modifying them accordingly will surely attract many readers.But this is a tough task,you will have to put your creativity into this task.You would be familiar with this quote-“An apple a day,keep the doctor away” So if you are creative enough,you can turn it into- “One post a day,keep Google Panda and Penguin Away”.  Examples-

  • Post until you succeed
  • SEO, The key to blogging success  

8.Be professional,But Direct-

Be direct while you are professional,didn’t get it? its easy! You can write a title as- “Tips To Share Your Content” but in a pro way,you can write it as- “Professional Techniques To Publicize Your Content”.You can see that the second one seems more professional but not at all complicated and its direct(Easy to understand),these kind of titles will impress the readers because of your “Professional Style Of Writing”. Examples-

  • White Hat SEO- The Reliable SEO
  • Google Algorithms- Bloggers Worst Enemy  

9.Title The Informative Posts As Guiding Ones-

Do you have a long post? Like a post with detail information about anything? Then this can get you a lot of visitors with a great title.For achieving this,you can use words like-“All you need to know about”,”The complete explanation”,”Geek’s Guide to”,”Guide To Achieve”,etc. These will surely attract many readers who are hungry for info and knowledge. Examples-

  • Blogging-The Complete Explanation
  • All You Need To Know About Raspberry Pi
  • Know About Overclocking- Its Advantages and Risks
  • All You Need To Know About Tattoos  

10.Try Your Own ways,Ask for suggestions, Experiment-

Just keep trying until you acquire a perfect title,contact your friends and ask them what kind of titles they get attracted to,analyze our visitors by creating polls,try out many unique ways and keep experimenting until you succeed,here are a set of titles which are perfectly crafted to give you an idea about perfect titles-

  • 10 Exceptional Ways To Pull Traffic
  • 101 Things To Do When You Get Bored in Blogging
  • Perfect guide To Blogging and SEO
  • The Right SEO tactics That Actually Work
  • Easiest Ways to achieve success in blogging
  • Things I have learned about SEO
  • Morals from a successful blogging career
  • SEO-The key to success

Hope you liked this post,as i said,keep experimenting and be sure to comment your suggestions so that we can include many more things into this post .

Hari Charan
Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

Hari Charan

Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

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    Very nice post ! liked it very much Hari !

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    Hello Hari,
    Really this is awesome and like all things in a single post about post titles. a blogger should follow these tips to write a stunning post titles. i also try to follow these tips.
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