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Yesware Review-This platform tracks Emails using the best mailing service Gmail, has many Mailing templates and comes with many more exciting features.

Hello everyone, We’re back with a review of an amazing E-Mail tracking platform called Yesware.  If you’re a daily reader at Le Geeks, you’d probably know about this platform as I had talked about it in this post- Bullet Proof Strategies to Make Money With Paid Reviews.  Yesware helps online entrepreneurs, bloggers and Marketers to track their E-mails.

Yes, it helps you to track emails.In other words, It actually tells you whether the E-mail receiver has opened your mail. Technically, you can’t find too many software or add-ons doing such a unique thing. According to my knowledge, there are only 10-20 software which can track mails and Yesware is the best software to do it.

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Why People Love Yesware?


Yesware is used by more than 400,000 Salespeople to track their mails. It has a simple interface with cutting edge features along with some wonderful insights and analytics. I’ve been using Yesware since I started blogging and it never disappointed me. Its widely used because of the amazing features offered by it.  Here’s a list of features that caught my attention-

  •  Track and analyze emails.
  • Quickly integrate Gmail and
  • Share the top performing templates with the whole team.
  • Make new reps more productive in less time
  • 24×7 Hours, Customer support.
  • Available for Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox.

Yesware’s Features Explained-

As I said, Yesware is packed with many amazing features. I bet, you’ll love it!

1.E-Mail Tracking-

Yesware helps you track whether the recipient has opened your mail or not. Go to the Yesware Homepage and install the add-on on your browser ( Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) . When you open your Gmail account, you’ll be asked to allow the plugin to sync with Gmail , just click yes!That’s it, you’ve installed it.

yesware-email tracking-review

Whenever you compose a mail, you’ll see the “track” option at the bottom left corner, be sure to tick it.

You’ll be notified when your recipient opens you mail.

All the Opened, Not Opened and the Opened + Not Opened mails will be show at the top bar.



The top bar also shows some amazing details such as the Location of the Recipient and the Operating system used by the recipient.

2.Custom Sales Template-


Probably , Yesware is the only E-mail tracking platform that allows you to create custom mailing templates. You can create your own mailing templates with it. For example, you can put in some common elements such as- Hello,Thanks, Regards and much more. For the empty spaces, you’ll have to use the “[]” code which will add a text box which can be filled up at the time of mailing a person.

You can create custom template for each sales process.

  • Choose the best template by seeing their reply rate percentage.
  • By using Yesware’s template which has images, links and rich text, you can send a great looking email.
  • Use [brackets] to indicate custom field, where you can type your content in a template. This makes it easier and faster to use a template.
  • You can use the Template while composing a email.
  • You can also analyse which email template has got more success rate.

 3.Mail Merge-


What happens in your absence ? If you’re teammates want to reply in your absence ? Keeping messaging unified throughout a sales team can be difficult, but Yesware Template Sharing makes it easy. Yesware allows you to share your custom template with your teammates. This feature is also called Mail Merge.


4.Salesforce Intregration (CRM integration) –

CRM means Customer relationship Management. Its a process of interaction between the customers and companies officials. Yesware can completely integrate CRM services such as Salsesforce. You can create,manage, mail an dsync multiple contacts between Gmail and Salesforce.

You can even manage your  Salesforce events using the Google calender without manually duplicating the contacts.You can keep a track of your events,meeting and other important occasions without leaving your Gmail account!

Yesware integrates with popular CRM services such as- Salesforce, Batchbook, Pipedrive, Capsule, Highrise, SugarCRM, Relenta . SO you can sync everything between your CRM account and your Gmail.

How to INSTALL Yesware ?

Well, installing Yesware is really easy. As I said, you can get Yesware for Google Chrome and Mozilla firfox. Just follow these steps and you’ll end up with a fully set Yesware account!

  1.  Go to Yesware’s official website – Yesware
  2. They will automatically detect which browser you are using.
  3. You can see 3-steps. Just follow’em
  4. Once you done all the step correctly then open Gmail
  5. And Start using Yesware to track your mails 🙂 .

Plans And Pricing-

Well, I can’t say Yesware is totally free, but they offer you 30-days trial, so that you can use their service and if you like it, you can extend the days. So here’s the pricing of Yesware. Anyway don’t worry we have a small surprise for you guys in the end.



Customer Support-

Unlike many other website, Yesware has 27×7 Hours Customer Support, You can can contact them if you need answer for your question. They will take 24-48 Hours to reply to your email.  Just in case, if you have to contact the CEO of Yesware you can email him at –


You can check out their contact us page here – Yesware Contact.

Before sending email for them, please check out their Support Center, you can get most of your question solved there itself, In case the answer to your question is not there, then please proceed with email contact.


Referral System-


As I’ve already mentioned above Yesware, only offers 30-days trial.  In order to continue using Yesware you need to pay them. Anyway I want to say to you guys – “WHY PAY, WHEN YOU CAN EARN” . Yesware has referral system, where you can earn 100 Tracking Emails for each person who signs up at Yesware using your referral link. I know that referral system is hard, but whereas in this case, many people like email tracking so that would definitely check it out, just share it in Facebook group, twitter etc.


i have been using Yesware since a long  time. I use it when i send mails to companies looking for advertising opportunities and Yesware helps me determine whether the company is going to accept my offer or not. It helped me to increase my sales and its worth a try! Give it a try, you’ll really love it. Grab Yesware Here

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Most of the newbie marketers and bloggers cannot afford to buy. If you’re one of them, don’t worry, we have a little surprise for you!  A Giveaway of 3 annual Enterprise Accounts worth $40 each! Good luck and Enjoy!

Hari Charan
Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

Hari Charan

Hari Charan is the founder and CEO Le Geeks. He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12.

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